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For five long seconds, he hung suspended from the imagined cross before a silenced crowd.
His first trial on similar charges stemming from the same events fizzled out with a hung jury.
For half an hour, a sense of taboo hung over the stark tableau.
Those records showed that the length of time the fog hung around at ground level during the day had radically diminished.
Steal this hotel room's romantic look with inexpensive red sheer fabric hung above the bed.
All framed in school frames, and will soon be hung in the new office.
The victors, meanwhile, hung on to power long into their dotage.
Some of the animals hung around long enough for me to sit quietly and observe them.
Some of us were friends and hung out together on weekends.
We have hung pigs in trees to see how decay differs from when the animal rests on the ground.
For example, maybe they mostly hung around their bedroom.
His hair, prematurely flecked with gray, hung perpetually over his forehead until he whisked it away.
They are less hung up on specific numerical qualifiers, and looking holistically at students.
My idea is that all these animals hung around at the edge of the retreating glaciers.
Here in a converted barn, their nameplates were hung outside empty offices that once belonged to residential faculty members.
In addition to vintage prints hung in their original sequence, the show displays contact sheets with thousands of other shots.
Instead she made a phone call, whispered discreetly, then hung up and told me that the curator would be down in a moment.
It hung on during the ice ages when it got cool at the equator.
After that, it has always hung with no furniture nearby to give easy access.
Whirlpool's chief executive, could find themselves hung out to dry.
He hung up a digitally aged picture of himself for inspiration.
In particular, commercial interests and co-operation on security issues hung in the balance.
Often the best hunters had a gallery of animal skulls hung on their walls.
People sometimes get hung up on particular things, and efficiency is one of them.
Something tells me they might not get too hung up on temporal accuracy.
Sun engineers, however, first drew the network's backbone and then hung boxes off of it.
Real animal pelts may have hung on the pillars as offerings.
The thinned air hung over the birds that had stopped their nesting and were peeking over the rims of their homes.
Before each exam, students hung out in the chatroom and had a virtual study group.
The necklace features a single aspen leaf accented with fresh water pearls and smoky quartz beads, all hung on a leather necklace.
It hung there as though it had been waiting for centuries.
The walls were hung with framed collages of the hundreds of babies he'd delivered.
The place on the brick wall where the bronze plaque hung is now bare.
Hung from a window or used seasonally, this trio of hummingbirds is a constant reminder of springtime and beauty.
While you hung out with your books and focused on work.
He gave me a number, told me to call back with a time to meet and hung up.
The general understanding of the concepts have to be taught before you get hung up on the nuances.
You'll probably be able to play through the whole thing without getting hung up, though.
Double-hung windows above the sink allow in air and light.
Then the lacy brown clump hung a left, circled a piece of coral rubble, and darted after a speck of food.
The walls of his office are hung with an intriguing mix of images, from radar stations to figures from northern mythology.
The fabric is rinsed in hot water to remove the wax, then hung to dry.
The only survivor was the ships monkey who was hung by the townsfolk.
Each powerful sprinter, poised to explode when the gun went off, was keenly aware of what hung in the balance.
That's the problem with these studies is the people who read them get too hung up on which side of that argument is right.
It was clearly meant to be read spread out on a table rather that hung on a wall.
His small workspace is further closed in by heavy blue curtains, hung to block out unnecessary light.
The image thus laid in the sepulchre was probably the same which had hung upon the tree.
While he thus hung by the arms, he was slain by a spear thrust through his body at the level of the armpits.
And her eyes on all my motions with a mute observance hung.
But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold.
When the cows arrive at their summer home, the bells are hung under the eaves.
The troughs are hung from wires strung from a motor and spool attached to the ceiling.
The researchers built two resonant copper coils and hung them from the ceiling, about two meters apart.
The specter of drug-resistant bacterial infection hung over the pathology lab.
She hung there a split second, then a plume of light exploded from her tail.
We hung out on trampolines, with the director's kids.
Once a client has paid for the voucher, the studio collects the fee even if she is hung-over and doesn't turn up.
Horse-trading has already begun in expectation of a hung parliament.
As for the proponents of hung parliaments, your arguments are laughable.
Dressed rats hung alongside mule meat in the market.
On lazy afternoons, you lectured to hung-over sophomores about the negation of the negation.
When recruiters come to the campus, rainbow flags often are hung in the law school's main lobby.
He patted the stuffed bag he carried, and there hung down a little closed claw.
But what actually explains is working in a profession in which lives often hung on clear communication.
If he had dangled the pen from a string, it would have hung at a ninety-degree angle with respect to the tilted floor.
They don't, for selling you the rope with which you hung yourself.
As soon as the he hung up, he felt a pulse of excitement, the promise of illicit thrills.
Around its roof hung a gutter as wide as a human thigh.
She rinsed out the rag she'd been using and hung it on the rack inside the door under the sink.
Barbara said that her husband had never been arrested, and hung up the phone.
The pictures are hung salon-style, and offer a vast range of faces and figures, from babies to grandparents.
There was a squeak and rush of release inside his skull and something shot from him into the air and hung there and sparkled.
The manager told him that if he hung around long enough he would have an opportunity to go on air.
Occasionally one such figure caught in some obstruction and hung there.
Such cliffs, believe me, have not for years been hung from.
Warren's face was a chopping block, and his long arms hung heavy.
Even when she was depressed or hung over from drinking the night before, she went to work.
Everyone was so hung up on limb deformities in frogs that they forgot about other effects.
Either that, or you haven't hung around here long enough to get the joke.
Art is stacked against and hung from every inch of wall space.
The policewoman probably had a good laugh about it too after she hung up.
The mirror hung from the top of the cage so they could turn it around.
Tagged sharks were tracked for an hour or two a day using a hydrophone, an underwater microphone, hung over the side of a boat.
To prevent the opposition from seeing, crews hung camouflage nets over their rigs.
Without any state or federal regulation, these people are completely hung out to dry.
On the wall hung a map bristling with red, blue and yellow pins.
But the patient hung on, battling bankruptcy from week to week.
She had to know who was sleeping with whom, who was great in bed and who was not, and who was well hung.
She introduced us, and we've hung out since and become friends.
He hung around the school and sent her e-mails on the school computer.
Their corpses were hacked apart and burned, and two of them were hung from a bridge amid celebrations on the street.
There was a small stage, and back then lanterns were hung across the dance floor.
The vinyl single hung windows evaluated in this report are individual, non-impact resistant windows.
The aluminum single hung windows evaluated in this report are individual, impact resistant windows.

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