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Example sentences for hundredfold

The beak exhibited an overall stiffness gradient that differs a hundredfold from beak tip to base.
During the day the liver manufactures relatively low levels of the protein, but at night it ramps up its production a hundredfold.
According to the computer model, this design could increase wind farm efficiency a hundredfold.
Relative to drugs, these are bulky and low value, and neither face anything remotely corresponding to a hundredfold mark-up.
Take cocaine: the mark-up between coca field and consumer is more than a hundredfold.
My appreciation for his music and talents was reinforced and increased a hundredfold after that experience.
Even if there's a germ of truth in it, it's exaggerated a hundredfold.
But there are two areas of modest funding that would pay back to the nation-and government revenues-many hundredfold.
It seems unlikely that his profits increased two-hundredfold in a single year.

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