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Example sentences for hump

She knows she's over some hump and can envision a solution.
Once a camel is given proper food and rest, the hump generally returns to its original size within a few days.
The researchers didn't speculate what function the hump might have served.
It has a bit of a hump on the back, on the top half where the camera is.
But getting them over the hump of paying anything at all for web content is still turning out to be all but impossible.
The much admired hump provided sustenance for the camel first, then later for its rider.
It's not quite the final frontier, but it'll do for a hump day laugh.
He joins in their songs and revels, and the fairies are so pleased with him that they remove his hump.
When it finally did show up, it bore the unmistakable hump of a committee camel.
The patient is examined while standing and while bending forward, when a hump on one side of the back may become obvious.
First, the double hump nature of the learning curve.
Sewn into a hump of skin and muscle below his right clavicle was the pacemaker that helped his heart outlive his brain.
Its fur is umber, with blond highlights across the shoulder hump and the forelegs beautifully catching the afternoon light.
Once he was over the hump of the hill, he let the cycle glide.
They would probably have given the dinosaur a strange hump on its back.
Generally, the higher the backbone or hump behind its head, the higher the quality.
It seems as though it would take relatively little effort to help them over the hump.
We hump duffels and gear up a steep snowbank to an outcrop of broken shale and tussock.
And there's another hump: training legions of unwitting employees how to accept the thing.
Madeleines are characterized by a hump on their smooth side.
The center hump, where the air bag resides, is a trim size and nicely sculpted.
They are a type of speed hump that allow larger vehicles, especially fire trucks, to straddle them without slowing down.
Our common broad-winged katydid is a large green hump-backed slabsided fellow that lives in trees and is rarely seen.

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