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His humour was both a gift and an art that brought joy to all who knew him.
There may, though, be a sinister reality behind the humour.
Turning everything to wit or humour is a strategy for survival and a redeeming route to acceptance and popularity.
His personable manner and good humour won him these distinctions.
Even directions can be managed as long as you maintain a sense of humour and patience.
The whole point of satire is to convey a serious under the guise of humour.
The central character is a likeable and dedicated policeman with a dry sense of humour.
When the work was done, she liked a party and had a broad sense of humour.
It is fair to predict that they will do so without violence and with considerable good humour.
They will watch from the sidelines and accept the preordained results with grim humour.
The term melancholy as used in the scientific literature of the time referred to a cold dry humour normally present in the body.
It was written to please its author's fastidious taste, not to chime with the humour of the age.
The wit and humour lavished on the description of these worthies is extraordinary, and may be exemplified in one or two cases.
The humour of these poems soon gave way, however, to the more heroic and tragic aspects of the war.
The moralising is insufferably trite, and unrelieved by a single spark of humour.
Humour does not get much blacker than laughter in a collapsed coal mine.
But what importance it have if humour is more important in a magazine of science.
Rare indeed are economists who use humour to communicate their theories.
He explained that being deliberately offensive was part of his sense of humour.

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