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Some advertisers run parallel campaigns, sponsoring traditional ads as well as humorous ones.
There are many humorous episodes including a wonderful cricket match.
Hence the humorous kernel inside that little irregularity during the oath.
Programmers continue to plug humorous gems into everyday software.
The proudly, humorous tone of this piece is perfect for your audience, as evidenced by the comments.
Taken individually, patents can be humorous in themselves.
Curling is a serious game, but it is nothing if it is not humorous.
Fresh is elegant and accessible, even occasionally humorous.
She is plain-spoken and direct, good-humored but not exactly humorous.
Sometimes this prejudice takes humorous forms both sides can live with.
However, my fear can be suspended if the cause of the injury is humorous.
Please accept my weakly humorous support for these cost efficient suggestions.
Students will learn to use the text tool to add humorous captions to photos of cats.
He chose to discuss the disease from a humorous viewpoint.
Her dryly humorous asides, such as the appallingly dangerous business of learning to use a sling, are a treat.
Cousins wrote his own unconventional prescription: he spent hours a day watching slapstick movies and reading humorous literature.
Humorous point: this is being reported in conjunction with the warning that it will decrease bank profits.
They take a somewhat humorous tack in an attempt to ease recipients' shock upon receiving one.
His work was as irreverent as it was humorous and delighted adults and children alike.
In private conversation he can be relaxed and humorous.
Some of the rebranding adds a humorous twist of self-parody.
But check out the cool pics above for the serious and humorous takes on the oft-spoofed system.
The book is savage, trenchant, humorous and wonderfully inventive at its best.
It's also irreverent, poking fun at enemies and objects through myriad humorous names and descriptions.
He modulates his tone dramatically for effect, often humorous.
He may be singing one of his humorous songs, when he does this, and he may be smiling.
Most conflicts are humorous if you can divorce yourself from any personal involvement in others' psychodramas.
It includes fiction, poetry and humorous and not-so-humorous commentaries.
The beginning of this article is a little humorous although it brings up a serious point.
It brilliantly summarizes the causes and outcomes of the war with some humorous jokes along with it.
These was no little humorous comment excited by the fact that.
Boating magazine asked readers to send in humorous names of actual boats.
It's an exposé on the vicious pecking order that is sometimes humorous, sometimes mildly tragic.
The ability to be humorous in a language, as some have said in the thread, is actually a much too tough threshold.
Within many of his poems, there often seems to be a gently humorous antagonism between one stanza and the next.
They're accessible and they're humorous, but they're also immensely serious.
Still the galactic ghoul is a humorous twist on things.
It is almost humorous that countries now speak to their financial people before they speak to their people.
It is present in all forms of video advertising, but it is a particular risk for humorous ads.
Marriage is accounted a serious matter, but advice about marriage is sure to be humorous.
For another, they are humorous and often even witty, and show an eye for the telling detail and the encapsulating anecdote.
The volume contains three distinct styles of character sketch: the eulogistic, the satirical and the humorous.
The dancing, kneeling and twirling to the music were at times humorous, but also quite infectious.
The discussion surrounding global warming always arouses such heated debates it's quite humorous.
It would be humorous if the consequences of inaction weren't so dang important.
Behind each of the modules is a scientific concept presented in a humorous and entertaining yet scientifically accurate manner.
Rather than trying to make a dramatic impact though, these matters were approached in more symbolic and humorous manners.
And now, for some relief, let me talk about humorous books.
He sets a standard for humorous recollection that couldn't be more bland.
But at the same time they have to appear humorous and interesting.
Raising humorous, empathetic, well-adjusted kids whose favorite place to collapse is my couch.
We're in utter denial, in a way that sometimes borders on humorous.
Its a real fun to listen to such educated and humorous people.
Instead of an awkward peer-pressure moment, it becomes a humorous opportunity for subtle allusions to red buttons.
Comments in the thread have added their own commentary, making that joke less humorous.
In between the humorous tweets, there were serious moments of reflection.
For the moment, there's the odd useful nugget, veering from the useful to the humorous.
The art form evolved as a perfect way to communicate almost any opinion or emotion in a trenchant, poignant or humorous way.
Cantor, a publicist before becoming a producer, hoisted signs for his marquees as humorous as the plays they pushed.

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