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Spontaneous humor can relieve tension and be helpful to you, but you're not auditioning to star at a comedy club.
It's an obscure field of comedy, to be sure, but the mixture of humor and ego is a fine blend.
Every human develops a sense of humor, and everyone's taste is slightly different.
Glad someone else on these forums has a sense of humor.
His book earns its ranking here on the strength of its unflagging humor.
Somehow he remains in surprisingly good humor.
Every one's sense of humor is different.
Many biologists, including myself, love geeky humor.
You have to learn to enjoy humor.
You really have to have a sense of humor.
Research shows that humor promotes better health.
French illustrator Biet fills her fresh watercolors with lively humor and clever characterizations.
He made and lost several fortunes, but never lost his sense of humor or his charm.
His paintings are a bright profusion of energy and vitality, many of them laced with humor and irony.
The easiest way to make a difficult topic accessible is through humor.
It also deals with humor and what makes things funny.
To be stuck on this planet without humor wouldn't be much fun.
Each one is different, some with stellar characters, others with their senses of humor.
Whoever the painters were, they had a sense of humor.
My point is, the best way to respond to absurdist and comedic political protests is with a bit of humor, not sanctimoniousness.
My attempt at humor had a small audience: fellow grad students in the rhetoric-and-composition program.
Is energetic, enthusiastic, and has a sense of humor.
Let the prof feel that no matter what the decision will accept the decision with good humor.
Using humor in your job talk can be risky, but if it comes naturally to you, go ahead and be funny.
That's probably what makes his humor unique and why it elicits cringes as regularly as laughs.
Something else that doesn't translate well over the ether is humor, especially dry humor.
Most days-knock on wood-life itself presents enough to humor us, but there are days when you need a jump-start.
If your sense of humor depends on only you getting the joke, you lack a sense of humor.
Once again, humor is slain by a bunch of dolts taking it goo seriously.
Rather than being cynical about it, have a sense of humor about it.
He wrote with grace and with precision, with humor and with warmth.
Now not only is my attempt at humor being hated upon, but it was a belated attempt at that.
He had the uncanny ability to find so much humor and beauty in a world that can be so ugly.
Humor and entertainment are often along for the ride but they are secondary to the work's mission of human self discovery.
Humor travels plenty well, but petulance never misses a connection.
In fact, there's a sort of gallows humor that gets tossed around.
The government, lacking a sense of humor, sentenced her to a year in labor camp.
Recipients are a burden sometimes gladly born, but there's no guarantee of good humor.
He told it with a characteristic blending of quaint pathos and of lambent humor.
The sense of humor has other things to do than to make itself conspicuous in the act of laughter.
Then the quotations began to be used to provide humor and variety to long stretches of narrative.
Humor him by all means, draw it all out, and hold him to it.
Through all his letters runs his inexhaustible vein of delicious humor.
It is curious that common people so thoroughly enjoy such smutty talk, and that it is a never-lacking activity of cheerful humor.
Surly, maker of tough bikes for tough people with a sense of humor, has pulled back the curtain on the coming year's new products.
Afghan people laugh a lot, and many are in permanently good humor.
Newspaper and magazine editors sometimes responded to their predicament with biting humor.
Wherever you go, be on the lookout for humor you can incorporate into your photographs.
When things don't go as planned, keep your sense of humor.
With a bold, colorful design and a heavy dose of visual humor, this book will give kids a winning combination of smarts and fun.
Humor is the key, especially if it catches your listeners off guard, leaving them laughing and open to suggestion.
He's not a good writer and has no insight or real sense of humor.
The problem was that a smirking sense of humor can, shockingly, come across as obnoxious.
But humor was his spontaneous form of expression and absolutely organic to his artistic vision.
He showed his palms, used humor, and used specific illustrators when listing his points.
Though she is unconvincing with political material, she does relationship humor beautifully, and banters with the best of them.
The book does have a moral vision, though-one inextricably bound up with its warmth and humor.
By featuring our inner demons, rather than the better angels of our nature, humor helps those demons remain inside.
In addition to humor, cards require an emotional hook which leaves the sender and the recipient feeling better for the experience.
Most people think humor requires some element of surprise.
Your work has an immediately apparent sense of humor.
It's a fluffy humor piece, not really meant to sway people either way.
Because it's actually presented as satire and humor.
Glad to see some of that charming arrogant humor back on this blog.
The antidotes are the scientific method, and a sense of humor.
Unlike novelists, historians are not usually inclined to humor or absurdity.
The delight is in the humor and elegance of the language and narrative.
Hoban was an exceptionally imaginative writer who was able to delight children and adults alike with his humor and wit.
The tragedy is not lessened, but the humor puts it in perspective.
He can imitate a waiter bringing all his favorite foods, and he has a sly sense of verbal humor.
But it also showed that the protesters had a sense of humor.
Perhaps it was some sort of joke, tacked there by the villagers, or by some previous hiker with an odd sense of humor.
It's possible that the officer had an extremely dry sense of humor.
It's honest and haunting and ripe with gallows humor.
People who are not famous but struggle through real difficulties with courage and humor.
The real problem with his article is that humor can't be empirically measured, but attempts at humor can.
But that observation is unlikely to stop anyone who can stomach the toilet humor from tuning in.
As the bad economic news keeps coming, we're forced to turn to humor to pick ourselves back up.
We're blessed, from time to time, with a spontaneous generation of humor and insight.
Patience and a sense of humor win out, especially in committed relationships.
For some people this would be the stuff of bathroom humor.
His warm sense of humor and caring nature will be remembered by those whose lives he touched.

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