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Every three days an unlucky islander was sent packing, voted out by others and humiliated on camera.
Scenes embellished with abundant bloodshed show victims being humiliated, abused, and executed.
He recognised all his magnanimity, but he did not now feel himself humiliated by it.
If they know enough to answer right they will loose votes, if they purposely answer wrong, they will get humiliated.
We don't so much disagree with his conclusions as feel we've been unnecessarily humiliated by stereotyping innuendo.
Nobody likes to watch a former master get pummeled, humiliated and reduced to a punch-drunk shadow of his former self.
Besides grueling hours, if workers made a mistake, they were often humiliated rather than simply being reprimanded.
Fix your own communicatory issues to prevent being humiliated in that way.
The fact that the crowd of faculty members does not protest shows that the faculty crowd is a degraded and humiliated crowd.
Most students drop out and don't come back, and find the process humiliated.
The student was humiliated in the defense, but he blamed his chair and took no responsibility at all.
She'd always loved to write, but had been frustrated and humiliated by the effects of her learning disability.
He thought he'd run a chance of being humiliated and lose the comfort of the years that remained.
The writer is humiliated by the invasion of foreigners.
He was humiliated and in pain but tried not to cry while they were waiting.
Before long, almost every major player had left the company, discredited and humiliated.
Now he's been humiliated, but he's been liberated too.
She humiliated a new hire in the hallway, screamed and yelled at her in public.
If it happened to you you'd be humiliated and enraged--insult to injury, and no matter if the wound was partly self-inflicted.
It requires a real effort to feel much sympathy when they find themselves humiliated.
Unfortunately there are desperate, frustrated, and humiliated people throughout the world.
But on the other side of the economic and cultural gap, the older generation limped on, humiliated and impoverished.
No one need feel humiliated by accepting its benefits, because it was not welfare.
He returns to his state with his tail between his legs, thoroughly humiliated on the national stage.
Nations which had been humiliated sought compensation for injured pride in the victories of sport.
If he goes too easy and loses he'll be humiliated and ridiculed.
These are people protesting because they were humiliated.
You're talking about a human being who's been humiliated.
He humiliated his fierce pride by accepting charity and patronage.
He wanted a fight because he wanted to be humiliated.
Millions of people are humiliated: perhaps it makes them stronger because they forget it.
He may have been humiliated, and his art may have come from this humiliation.
The real question is whether the right loses ground with dignity or is humiliated.
Swede, humiliated in his initial desperate search, eventually finds her but she is lost to him.
Then you are humiliated by your military colleagues, who launch a spectacular stunt abroad without telling you.
But when the regime started shooting at some of its own people, many more felt humiliated for ever having believed in it.
And it is true that there is something unpleasant about the desire to see other people humiliated.
Arbitrary checkpoints on roads, which snarled traffic and humiliated drivers, have vanished.
Had few people shown up, he might have been humiliated.
The cartel has been humiliated more than once as it has chopped output only to see the price of oil drop further.
People humiliated themselves for it est tried to break you.
People in abusive situations often feel trapped, humiliated and helpless.
The champ, humiliated, concedes the hole and the match.

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