humidistat in a sentence

Example sentences for humidistat

Some humidifiers contain a built-in humidistat which may be adjusted to the proper moisture level.
Your humidistat is set too high if excessive moisture collects on windows and other cold surfaces.
Some models have the fan speed controlled by a humidistat.
The specification also requires inclusion of an adjustable humidistat.
It involves locating a thermostat, a humidistat, and a recorder in the operating room.
Consider installing exhaust fans with humidistat controls.
Unless functioning as a component of a whole house ventilation system, bathroom exhaust fans must be controlled by a humidistat.
Operate humidistat through its throttling range to verify operation.
Record how the museum's thermostat and humidistat are set.
Adding a programmable timer or humidistat control will help maintain ventilation without excessive energy use.
If moisture is a concern, having a humidistat wired in series with the thermostat would be prudent.
Humidistat means an automatic control device responsive to changes in humidity.
Humidistat: an automatic control device responsive to changes in humidity.
Use of bathroom fans in all bathrooms that exhaust to the outdoors and are equipped with a humidistat sensor or timer.
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