humidifier in a sentence

Example sentences for humidifier

Other things you can do to help the flaky skin--run a humidifier, especially in the winter, while you sleep.
Collect the water that runs while you're waiting for it to heat up and use it to water plants or put in a humidifier.
Humidify the air with a cool mist humidifier or spend time in a steamy shower.
If your house is too dry, you should look into using a humidifier to add moisture.
Empty the humidifier tank and let it dry before packing.
Follow the directions that come with the humidifier.
Increase the humidity in the air with a vaporizer or humidifier.
To loosen phlegm, patients should drink plenty of fluids and use a humidifier or steamer.
Or group your ferns and other delicate-leaved plants around a room humidifier.
For added comfort, he keeps a humidifier running in the corner.
Try using nasal sprays, nasal irrigation with a salt water solution, nasal suctioning and using a humidifier for coughs and colds.
Thieves took an air-conditioning unit and a humidifier.
Check a humidifier tank that has a miniature float arm and an overflow.
Clean steam generator control panel will be by the humidifier manufacture.
The model number is located on the bottom of the humidifier.
The model number and, if applicable, date code are located on a sticker on the bottom of each humidifier's base.
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