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The contrast between the excited hero's high ambitions and humble abilities generates much of the amusement.
We must remain humble in the quest for knowledge.
If you are humble and surrender to the flow of the game, you may find yourself hooked.
Being able to salute that flag was one of the more humble yet proud experiences I've ever had.
He's humble and inspiring and accessible.
The humble trailer park has no running water or electricity.
If we're a humble nation but strong, they'll welcome us.
At first you are amused, then humble, then fretful .
The couple wanted something humble that blended into the environment.
These exotic technologies have roots in humble devices.
But all this fanciness teaches a humble lesson: a movement is what it is partly because of how it is lit.
It's hardly a surprise that the humble is often less successful than the flamboyant.
To correct in full all his misstatements will require a small book, not a humble letter to the editors.
Current flex vehicles are a joke in my humble opinion.
The majority of species in danger of extinction are humble insects, a new study argues.
The humble wiener dog's stubby little legs hold a clue to both human dwarfism and evolution as a whole, a new study says.
Kathy, as humble as she is, is pretty much a master canner.
One cautionary tale about the perils of relying on a homogenous food source revolves around the humble potato.
Wes was big-hearted and humble yet extremely driven.
The teacher's unorthodox methods humble the student and even cause him to quit, albeit temporarily.
Yet that humble and nondescript appearance is highly deceptive.
Many people, your humble scribe included, laid out the fact-checking.
Neither of those two groups has a particularly firm hold on reality, in my humble opinion.
Surely those stakes warrant the humble, humanistic study of what essentially lies beyond reason's authority.
In my humble opinion, they should not have been laid off.
Compared with others it was humble, ragtag, out in the middle of no place.
Witness the humble typewriter, or the movie camera, or the automobile.
Instead, they exude a humble, introspective star quality.
They resumed their humble position as traders on sufferance.
He's received a tremendous amount of attention but, as he says, he's going to stay humble.
Once considered an imported delicacy, sardines now have a humble reputation.
The journey to billions and billions began with a single humble hamburger.
And many of us are aware of someone else, if not ourselves, who subsequently had to humble themselves to find another job.
All along, the humble restaurant has been run by one family.
The mighty bagel is but a humble bread of flour, yeast and water.
The humble organ may help us recover from serious infections.
From that humble location, she recently made an extraordinary discovery.
In my humble opinion, the amount of money that goes into drug development and testing is obscene.
Look on all that exist with humble awe and use science to find out more about our universe and our evolution.
Humble yourself and your eyes will see beyond your nose.
His protagonists are often humble people who blossom in the face of difficulty.

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