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For some, equality was a characteristic, a shared quality of humanness existing regardless of behavior.
But at a certain level of near-humanness, our affinity falls off a cliff.
As they do, the definition of humanness has begun to widen.
It is an attempt to reduce the full and complex human being to one aspect of his or her humanness.
You're human, and you're conscious--which moreover seems fundamental to your humanness.
One opinion is that the acquisition of humanness is a gradual phenomenon, rather than one that occurs at any particular moment.
Give me a logical way to arrive at an objective definition of humanness.
The way to humanness is long and no nation is there yet.
Gambling is not a vice, it is an expression of our humanness.
The importance of the photoplay is in the humanness of its characters.
It approaches humanness chiefly through the acting and directing.
Appeals to humanity meant little to murderers who refused to recognize the humanness of those they slaughtered.
Argues that folklore goes beyond plastic toys and popular media symbols to share the humanness of a people.
It evolved, along with the rest of our humanness, primarily in natural environments.
There are questions surrounding the humanness of lethal injection and these questions should be more closely examined.
In the fullness of being literate, there is humanness-wakefulness, liveliness and engagement.
The fourth chapter emphasizes understanding our humanness.
Trees in their humanness, animals in their otherness.
Despite changing social and physical forms, science fiction depicts a humanness that will prevail.
Instead, work on accepting your humanness and learn from your mistakes rather than beating yourself up for them.
These tools enhance our productivity by reasonably accommodating our humanness.

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