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Example sentences for humanly

To escape physical and moral contagion in these crowds seemed humanly impossible.
Be as active as humanly possible in publishing and presenting.
In the fall you should spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible.
Nobody sat upon a barrel, as is the custom of the idle in other lands, yet all the isolated barrels were humanly occupied.
All are utterly, humanly ignorant of the sacred meaning of the miracle.
As it is, these scenes are the only humanly involving elements in the movie.
The styles and approaches can be as different as is humanly possible, as long as they're effective.
All of these people were wrong for longer than seems humanly possible.
Finally, disgust as many people as humanly possible.
It is humanly impossible to create a system that is immune to credit expansion.
They also need to remove every obstacle to employment humanly possible.
They are required to know and feel confident they are as fully protected as is humanly possible.
But we'd also be right to stretch the travel angle as far as humanly possible in order to jump on this red-hot trending topic.
He had learned the best defense was to be as offensive as humanly possible.
Coward uses his position as a powerful publisher to break as many hearts as is humanly possible.
All colors that can be humanly perceived can be plotted within this space.
The crimes that were committed had no humanly comprehensible motives.
Because its injuries were too severe to reconstruct the jaw, the bear was humanly euthanized.
In this article, the author describes a humanly constructive approach to inquiry.
The interiors are humanly scaled with sensible arrangements and elegant proportions.
The end result is a point marked to a higher precision than is humanly possible.
It would be humanly impossible to keep up with the fastest lava flowing in tubes or channels.
Need to provide a project design as quickly as humanly possible, sometimes even quicker.
The focus of this process is speed and efficiency to get the buses back on the road as fast as humanly possible.

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