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Honestly, humanity in general is a sad and sorry race.
The movie also draws a picture of race, military contractors and humanity colliding in a bad way.
Life stance emphasized the unique responsibility facing humanity and the ethical consequences of human decisions.
In humanity lies hope.
If humanity does not embrace reverence for the earth, we may soon be at the precipice of extinction.
The least likely scenario is that humanity will remain static.
The current world production of grains, which provide most of humanity's calories, is about two billion tons annually.
In the latter phase, there is hope for a return to humanity.
It is like a bitter curse, hurled against the fate of humanity.
Improving the global lot of humanity should be everyone's goal.
The prosecutor is seeking to charge all six men with crimes against humanity.
Science can at last turn its penetrating gaze on humanity's oldest questions.
It's an amazing account of humanity triumphing over the elements.
The earthquake also exposed the darker side of humanity.
At the same time, her renderings gave full expression to her models' humanity.
The twilight-realm of phantasy is upheld by the sanction of humanity and every hungry soul looks here for help and sympathy.
If in addition there is a tendency to regard society as something unnatural to humanity, the tendency will become irresistible.
It is part of our finitude, but it should not be taken as the key marker of our humanity.
For me, the main thing was the deep humanity of the characters.
The investment in a college education should not be about your future wages, it should be an investment in your humanity.
Ironically then, inhuman threats are great reminders of our own humanity.
But don't worry all you humanity and arts students, there will jobs for you.
Here are some of the best science and social science researchers in humanity's history.
Philosophically, the ultimate goal of humanity is to be happy.
Good science is an invaluable tool in humanity's progress and survival, and it cannot be ignored or suppressed for long.
After all, the market was created for humanity, not humanity for the market.
Evolution has taken millions of years to bring humanity to this point, he says.
Humanity is, according to some measures, headed in the right direction.
Physics may concern itself with the beginnings of deep time and biology turns its eye on the origin of humanity itself.
Genome sequencing has revealed our common humanity.
These poor people occupy the lowest rung of humanity's ladder.
They do not belong to humanity after this publication.
What a sad statement that is about humanity and our screwed up priorities.
All groupings of living organisms, including humanity, are populations that consist of uniquely different individuals.
Simply because climate has changed in the past for other reasons does not mean humanity is not responsible now.
It is only through balance that humanity will be able to live long.
Tuna swim faster than almost any other fish in the ocean-but not fast enough to escape the fishing fleets and farming of humanity.
The importance is on the fact that humanity needs more and more energy.
It does not matter if you believe in climate change caused by humanity or not.
Most of them that have to with theoretical science will not help humanity a hoot.
Scary and sad that humanity is having such a harmful effect on the world.
Whatever contribution humanity is making to global warming, population growth is a significant contributing factor.
These lines are redolent with depression and the sense of estrangement from humanity which depression fosters.
The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly twenty per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions.
Depending on how you look at things, it has taken humanity a long time to reach this landmark, or practically no time at all.
The ideals of postwar humanity, however, have not been entirely forgotten.
And it only follows that humanity will revert to a subsistence agrarian society within the confines of their own homes.
Learn more about the continent on which life began, the birthplace of all humanity.
No areas of the world's oceans remain completely untouched by humanity's influence, according to a new study.
His artful images relay the crucial connection between humanity and nature.
Now our planet is threatened by humanity's bond with fossil fuels.
The decades ahead will present many challenges to humanity.
It whispers to us about a history of repeated jolts of climate change and of the advance and retreat of humanity.
Our planet is threatened by humanity's bond with fossil fuels.
Salmon in all their varieties are a great resource for humanity.
Much of humanity eventually dies of starvation and disease.
Without the faces these pictures become insights into humanity.
Fear has always been the basis for our humanity and our intelligence.
Without them, humanity might not have so readily spread across the globe.
More profits for farmers does not mean a benefit to humanity.
Many of the big problems facing humanity are biological, or are susceptible to biological intervention.
It is here, a small group of scientists would have you believe, that humanity launched climate change.
Among crimes against humanity stands the offence of the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations.
Everywhere he found the natural world shifting in response to humanity.
Commercial logic, not to mention basic humanity, demanded an instant recall.
Now there is a movement afoot to change humanity's co-ordinates.
They are likely to be charged with crimes against humanity.
Researchers tend to look for signals similar to those now made by humanity.
What is likely is that a changing distribution of risk will increase fire's impact on both humanity and wildlife.
But now, for the second time in a little over a decade, a little blue pill comes to the rescue of humanity.
Most of it has enormous-if often under-appreciated-effects on humanity.
To a first approximation wheat is the staple food of mankind, and its history is that of humanity.
Such markets are not optional to the job of feeding humanity.
Weaning humanity from its fossil fuel habit will take decades, and it will take decades more for global warming to stop.
And contrary to popular belief, these aren't the end times for humanity.
And as the laser gets its upgrades, maybe it'll put humanity a step closer to discovering and harnessing cosmic energy.
Freshwater is the ultimate renewable resource, but humanity is extracting and polluting it faster than it can be replenished.
It confronts us as if from the outside with all the sensory experience of the history of humanity.
The series is set in a high-anxiety future, where totalitarianism has nearly snuffed out the remnants of humanity.
But humanity is a long way from being weaned from the petroleum, natural gas, and coal whose use causes much of this pollution.
Humanity has ultra-evolved to the level to give honor to those honor is due.
There feelings for humanity are nothing short of hidden hatred.
Singularity, not the humanity would take the necessary decisions.
What is described here has nothing to do with bettering humanity, precisely the opposite.
Poetry and science are gifts given to all of humanity.
Despite her terror, she observes in the darkness many vignettes of humanity and grace.
Let us therefore never lose sight of the humanity of this music, even when it gives itself an official and general air.
The public rightly judged them to be genuine heroes, friends of humanity as well as scientific wizards.
Yet there it is, the incident forever recorded, one small glimmer of the saint's vulnerable humanity.
Many other freedoms inhere in humanity and in citizenship, and neither the university nor anyone else should interfere with them.
Perhaps our enormous suffering has contributed to humanity.
Most superhero stories chronicle the rise of heroes above their humanity.
Perhaps children without families are denied the right to full humanity.
It's a sad fact of life that the history of war is inherent in humanity itself.
His sense of addressing a large and diverse audience added humor, breadth, and humanity to his previously minimal verse.
If robots do someday rise up and squash humanity, we'd be lucky to have these guys as our new overlords.
The film is a shocking portrayal of a country casting tradition and humanity aside in a free fall toward global economic primacy.
Humanity stomps nature but is still vulnerable to humanity.
Both from the perspective of showing their humanity as well as being clever businessmen.
Read about the boundaries of humanity's mathematical understanding of the universe.
In humanity's efforts to teach language to primates, researchers had been unable to see such a syntactic ability in them.
Mediating aggression is a super important goal for humanity.
Because of him, humanity lost its place at the center of the universe.
Find points of interest and shared humanity before you even pick up the camera.
It exists because of the division labor, which turned out to be a great boon to humanity.
To become fabulously wealthy, to win great fame--these are triumphs not of humanity but of vanity.
The haggling and the hustling is simply humanity being itself.
Overcoming naive impressions to figure out how things really work is one of humanity's highest callings.

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