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The humanitarian's first obligation is to do no harm.
Making comparisons between humanitarian crises may not always be fair or useful.
Imperialism has always been more humanitarian than terrorism.
Michael was a brilliant man and a real humanitarian.
In a sense, the years of the cold war were the halcyon days of humanitarian aid.
The path of the future will find a broader objective in the direction indicated by the humanitarian path.
Much of the current humanitarian effort will depend on ocean-going transport.
His rule was remarkably energetic, humanitarian, and free of corruption.
Beyond immediate humanitarian assistance, we must provide economic assistance, and help rebuild what has been destroyed.
The enemy was offered to surrender the village while a humanitarian corridor for the civilians was established.
But bad weather also meant that humanitarian airlifts probably would be halted and visits from foreign dignitaries delayed.
The thoughtless humanitarian is ready with his reply.
With her fabled beauty and her film career behind her, she could at last turn her attention to humanitarian and creative ventures.
Their argument was caricatured by critics as purely humanitarian but was in fact strategic.
Three months later, the state is at risk of an acute humanitarian crisis, with fuel stocks and medical supplies running short.

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