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He was well known for bringing a unique humanistic perspective to his students and patients.
From there, each of us went on to major in some humanistic discipline.
We still have a long way to go to a humanistic civilized society.
And through more holistic, more natural, more humanistic methods than those offered by mainstream medicine.
But the results of a high percentage of these advances are humanistic in nature.
The rest is speculation based on secular humanistic beliefs.
Humanistic confidence in the value of dialogue is naïve in contrast to a more strenuous exercise of critical reason.
How wonderful if scholars could work together to understand literature, turning technology to humanistic advantage in the process.
It seems sadly true that our country values humanistic study less and less.
It even shows something of a humanistic streak and a glancing concern with real-world unhappiness.
Instead, he supports a humanistic, multidisciplinary model of management education.
Choosing the humanistic approach to other people's misery brings certain obligations.
Few directors had his humanistic depth, his cultivated references, his quirky wit.

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