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Apple, on the other hand, comes across as profoundly humanist.
Our consumption without thought to consequence is objectification of nature, a symptom of our humanist superiority complex.
But the film's careful injection of a warm, humanist spirit into an elaborate magical realist vision sets it apart.
It's as if he couldn't decide whether to be a humanist or a nihilist, so he opportunistically becomes both.
The head of the laboratory is a secular humanist, and the two become entangled.
Erikson was a humanist before he became a scientist, and has remained one, in a society that is not notably humane.
The new scientists of that time were deeply influenced by humanist concepts, and this influence has notoriously been neglected.
The last essentially offered ready-made reading notes of the kind humanist pedagogues recommended taking oneself.
And for current work in philosophy as a discipline- one can use digital humanist techniques to map trends in the discipline.
As a humanist, the article clutter in my offices was out of control.
It may consider itself humanist, but this incident show how easily it turns to bullying, intolerance and smug righteousness.
The early humanist scholars stressed the purpose and promise of humanistic education.
Defends the importance for media study of a descriptive and evaluative scholarship grounded in old-humanist perspectives.

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