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Yes, I've heard of humanism, or secular humanism as it is often called.
As controversial as he is renowned, the British biologist has been a leading exponent of evolutionary humanism.
It's the basic humanism of the everyman.
The revival of humanism in modern fiction is not confined to any one country.
Your stubborn humanism is still a boon to this planet, and its people.
The text makes poignant reading, as two paradigms of scientific humanism clash in the night.
We try to look for the technological sophistication of traditional humanism and the humanist possibilities of new tech.
Needless to say, the kids respond to him with forbearance for his oddities and affection for his merry humanism.
Humanism stresses the salience of students making choices from among alternatives.
With humanism, the student becomes more open about the self in an atmosphere of trust and responsibility.

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