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Example sentences for humanely

If population is not reduced humanely, it will be reduced inhumanely.
In addition, any squid killed for stomach or statolith is done quickly and as humanely as possible.
Everyone is encouraged to relay as much as possible about the event to the online audiences in as real-time as humanely possible.
The act requires research facilities to care for the animals humanely.
In the end, listening to students and responding humanely to their issues doesn't mean that you have to be a pushover.
There is no way of knowing if the news was delivered humanely, or not.
And she noted that for her family, treating the cows humanely was critically important.
There are a few different ways to humanely deter and repel pests.
Do it humanely, make sure they have a good home, and you have fulfilled your responsibility to them.
Academia could make this so much easier on the displaced if the situation were handled humanely and with support.
She designs slaughterhouses that treat animals more humanely than past practices.
We do not need to stoop to their behavior of treating humans in-humanely to compete.
The purpose of intervention shifted, humanely, from patient to family.
It is that they have the potential to act more humanely than people.
Yeah human rights shouldn't be violated and detainee must be treated as humanely as possible.
Babies have the right to be born humanely, without the intervention of doctors.
Illegal immigrants have a human right to be treated humanely until they can be deported.
They also know that the more humanely the average animal is treated, the better it will taste.
Without these small family farms, and without animals being humanely raised to be slaughtered, the movement's turf would shrink.
The next day, my brother made a pilgrimage to a local pig farm and bought a rack of humanely raised ribs.
He says the focus instead is on treating all people kindly, fairly and humanely.
And more consumers across the country are buying meat labeled as coming from humanely raised animals.
Let's say you don't have special humanely raised veal or pigs from some idyllic nearby farm.
His organization has appealed to exporters to use only leather from animals that have been killed humanely.
The company insists it tried to handle the layoffs as humanely as possible.
Dog lovers are divided over new efforts to ensure that all breeders treat their pooches humanely.
And scores of other fine-dining chefs have been quietly adhering to a humanely-raised-meats dictum for years.
He was all about living life fully, humanely, and having a great time while you do so.

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