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This is a beautiful and profound picture that touches us on a humane, emotional and spiritual level.
This is an invigorating and surprisingly helpful text for those who want a humane but profitable way to manage their company.
This wise and humane book brims with practical suggestions for parents, teachers and mental health professionals.
Anyone in business or industry will find this book a trove of sensible, and humane, advice.
Anything that diminishes the value of a single human being poses a threat to a rational, humane society.
The logical answer, in this case, is the humane one.
He presents a moderate and humane vision, advising increased federal spending on education, the arts and health care.
Ted was, for me, the wisest and most humane of the education reformers of my generation.
I'd spent the last 3 years telling everyone who would listen about how humane and wonderful my school's tenure guidelines are.
His loves are many and varied, and each offers him a sort of deeply humane salvation against his increasingly inhumane fate.
Support the local humane society or shelter where you're traveling.
Acting with callous disregard for the feelings of other animals undermines our empathic natures and humane sensitivities.
The humans want the pleasure of killing the elk and somehow believe that their methods are more humane.
He argues that it would be more humane to have blind chickens than ones that can see.
It's humane, well-considered stuff and you should read all six parts.
Hopefully some humane method can be found to reduce the population before nature imposes inhuman methods on billions of people.
Please, let's again become human beings, full of humane impulses.
Look at the lack of humane treatment, the contamination of the meat.
However, there were humane beings involved with the decision to put this two swings and misses animal into a tank with humans.
The road to recovery is fraught with peril, but now is the time for a more balanced, humane policy.
Erikson was a humanist before he became a scientist, and has remained one, in a society that is not notably humane.
The ultimate aim is not such humane small potatoes as repatriating refugees.
Meat industry respondents ranked profitability as number two and humane treatment of farm animals as number eight.
Unfortunately, our humane objectives were really distorted.
It is brutally violent, weirdly funny and unexpectedly humane.
Each portrays himself as a decisive, frank and humane steward of the public finances.
Older salarymen can appreciate the younger generation's preference for more humane hours.
Most important, she is right that teaching is a humane art built upon loving relationships between teachers and students.
Today we'll continue our seven-part series on humane handling with a discussion on the humane handling of exotic species.
Provides leadership for determining standards of humane care and treatment of animals.

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