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On the nonacademic side, he expects to apply to some consulting firms and nongovernmental organizations focused on human rights.
We were the first university to offer an accelerated law program and the first to offer an undergraduate program in human rights.
They are a bunch of idiots who don't think of a family, disrespect human rights, and then shoot you.
If you don't care about human rights issues, etc, that's fine.
Note that this can also apply to other issues such as fair labour practices and human rights issues.
Both have human rights, but none more than the other.
Many of those who served the country risking their lives for defending human rights and democracy fall into this category.
Some advocates already consider this a violation of their human rights.
It has brushed away earlier criticism of tolerance for its ally's poor record on human rights and economic management.
It represses civil society and violates human rights.
Systematic nonconsideration of human rights is one of the book's features.
Special tribunals have been condemned as grossly unfair by human rights organizations.
Whatever the country, freedom of thought and expression are universal human rights.
Americans keep preaching about human rights, while the homeless sleep on their streets.
Yes, leaving fundamental human rights open to amendment or revocation by elections is of course a dangerous policy.
The sentencing was widely hailed by the human rights community.
The radical places human rights far above property rights.
If the microscopic dot is a human being with full human rights, the answer is easy: no stem-cell research.
Deals with issues of discrimination, equal opportunity and human rights.
Human rights observers noted that few of the persons accused in the incidents had been prosecuted and held accountable.

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