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Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone.
Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for a kindness.
Their center of interest is in a strange human being of unexpected characteristics.
Upon the will and character of a single individual hung suspended, apparently, the life and weal of every human being.
What could be done mechanically by a human being could be done faster and better by a machine.
What no human being desires to do does not have to be forbidden, it is self-exclusive.
The applause of a single human being is of great consequence.
Every time a human being moves, he or she has to push millions of air molecules out of the way.
But nothing is as tangible as the human being itself.
With a meter reader-a human being who goes to your home or business and reads the dials on a meter.
Pollution from human being is another bad cause, leading to ocean disorder.
As a species we'd sent a human being into space, and how fantastic was that, and it didn't matter what country he was from.
These are the real achievements of life of a human being.
He considers it a part of what formed him as a human being.
It is obvious that human being has an impact on the planet and the natural resources.
Sometime, somewhere, someone will generate a cloned human being.
Ten years ago publication of the human genome sequence gave the world a blueprint for a human being.
The military wants to juice up personnel's brains because the human being is the weakest instrument of warfare.
But there is also a significant emotional component given that the decision involves hurting another human being.
In fact, it's theoretically capable of being implanted into a welcoming womb and developing into a human being.
Now, you'd think such people are in for a rude awakening when they realize they married a real human being with real human flaws.
To achieve the far-fetched dream of cloaking a human being, for instance, a three-dimensional space would have to be concealed.
No human being needs white sugar as a dietary requirement.
Gram negative bacteria would be pink in color, and are capable of harm as well to a human being.
No human being could drink thousands of gallons of milk without losing his cookies.
It didn't seem to matter to them that a software algorithm-not a human being-was scanning your messages for keywords.
Unfortunately, patent and copyright laws are giving people the right to be a greedy human being.
Obviously, you don't seem to have a grasp of the innate drive of a human being to survive, no matter what.
On the odd chance they actually speak face to face to another human being, they're no better.
It had some of the defining characteristics of a human being.
There is, for instance, something unutterably eerie about the earliest photograph to show a human being.
Comrades were those who, in the name of the revolution, were bent on honoring the complete human being.
The division is over the definition of a human being.
Her anatomy makes her peculiarly particular-a human being, rather than an idea of a human being.
In my view, it should be as much about how to give the student knowledge of how to be a well-informed, practical human being.
No human being is capable of doing everything, so different people are good at doing different things.
It's about being a human being, one who was also an undergraduate at some point.
They are also no more dangerous than any other human being.
As you show us, it doesn't take that much time to treat another human being with some dignity and courtesy.
Going to funerals and memorial services is part of being a civilized human being.
Actually, so is any human being up until a certain age.
Your faults and weaknesses as a human being are amplified in a poker game, and your strengths are multiplied as well.
Modern medicine is a testament to the genius of methodological materialism and a mechanical approach to the human being.
The character was regular army, and yet, was still a fairminded and decent human being.
The backstory mattered in terms of making sense of the human being before you.
But, good teacher and decent human being that you are, you fight your instincts.
The goal of the game is apparently to land one of these candies in the gullet of a human being.
It is absolutely crucial to recognize that some people do not consider a human embryo to be a human being.
When discovered by her landlord's rent collector, she was barely recognizable as a human being.
You'll have to guess who's a robot and who's a human being.
It was to help manufacturing industries which can help build economy and provide prosper life to human being.
Yes it would, but the point is, no ordinary human being is ever going to do such a thing.
But every economist is also a human being subverted by his prejudices.
It's as if you're putting the benefit of the doubt on the human being.
In a world full of shameful atrocities the simple gesture of human being reaching out to another is to be celebrated.
The second is that the right to voice your own opinions and convictions is inherent in the dignity of every human being.
There isn't a single human being they have been useful to except yourself.
It is not about whether the patient is still a human being.
It offends every human being and also those of your great nation that gave their lives for freedom.
Cloning to reproduce a human being is now seen almost universally as too dangerous to consider.
He's an outstanding professional and great human being.
She was a human being no different from anyone else.
No one at all reads literary scholarship, and there is far too much poetry for any human being to read.
More than a few of them have never even spoken face to face with another human being about their desires.
In these papers one can see an enormously gifted human being grappling with the nature of the world.
It is an elemental experience for horse and human being alike.
Lucky for you, there are tools out there that will keep you from becoming an empty shell of a human being.
Beyond that point she loses sight of herself as an individual human being.
As a human being and as a scientist he deserves to have that stated again and again.
The lungs and thorax were essentially the same in a dolphin as in a human being, yet dolphins survived great depths.
To feed him, clothe him, and help him grow into a capable human being.
The truth is, if you're a conscious human being, you are conscious more and more of two things.
Right now, there's only one tried-and-true system: a human being thoughtfully and consistently engaging with a community.
The overall picture of interactions even of a single cell is more than a human being made out of those cells can understand.
He's the kind of talent that will make people forget his shortcomings as a human being.
Our civilization produces two types of human being, mechanists and mystics.
Rather, he must constantly pull himself together as a human being, and this compulsion encircling him redounds to his advantage.
But every great type design can be second-guessed, because it is the work of an idiosyncratic and imperfect human being.
In this book, no less than in the biography, he brings to life this great thinker and rare human being.
Twain knew that any picture of any human being as a self-consistent creature is a false picture.
My ace in the hole as a human being used to be my capacity for remembering birthdays.
Perhaps normal imperfect human being simply preferred the company of other normal imperfect human beings.
But at the same time they reveal the vulnerability and frailty of the human being.
We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.
In the best of situations, it can provide a rare opportunity to be truly connected to another human being.
That's why it is popularly said that water and water filters are two inseparable parts of every human being's life.
Used this way, the human being is portrayed as entirely and only a disability.
Human being needs two things to survive, house and food.
And you will leave the theater a less intelligent human being, but you will also leave slightly happier.
If you don't do that, then you're not a smart human being.
The closest thing to a visible human being is the turret gunner.
If you're a rational human being, it's more than you can bear.
If you're a thinking human being, there's no way to divorce yourself from the world.
It was as if he had suddenly become a different human being.
Blue whales can weigh over a thousand times more than a human being.
At the end of each sequence, all barriers having failed, a human being is exposed to radiation.
And those genes can only build a modern human being by cooperating with one another rather than working alone.
It is a human being so you have to grant him human rights.
Human being has no more importance than a mosquito, to the nature and vast universe.
It is rarely possible, after all, to take brain samples from a living human being.
It's closer to an actual social interaction with a flesh and blood human being.
If we're lucky, they might give us the respect that a human being would show an ant colony or a swarm of bees.
The number representing a single ant would not need to be as long or complex as the number representing a human being.
He was admired as a truly great researcher and a wonderful human being by all who knew him.
Please name a single machine ever constructed that has the dexterity and reasoning power of a human being.
Most peer-reviewed research is as unbiased as it is possible for human being to get.
But, according to this research, their brain would treat that pain as the pain of a non-human being.
Some may protest that a human being is more than his or her genes.
When a human being without amplification makes a sound that is high and loud, it is almost unworldly.
By correctly transcribing it, you have proved to the computer that you are a human being.
The human being is the center of our editorial policy.
If the microscopic dot is a human being with full human rights, the answer is easy: no stem-cell research.

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