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He said the boat's hull was too thin and the backing plate that attaches the keel to the hull was too narrow.
He could read how far he was from shore, and its direction, by the feel of the swell against the hull.
The hull of a wrecked boat sits on a beach at sunset.
Hitchhiking on the surface of a boat hull can be a rough ride, but barnacles seem to do it with ease.
During each paddle stroke, the pressure of the water against the concrete hull compresses it slightly.
Mechanical mixers fitted between the booms and the hull will increase the wool's absorptive capacity.
Each is roughed out in the forest from a single tree, then hauled to the beach to be fitted with a hull and roof.
To the hull will be added ventilators, smoke stacks and pilothouse.
The next fall, raging gales set the ship adrift and then drove her into an iceberg, damaging her hull.
The tsunami rearranged the town: in the mud beneath a blackened hull lies a string of pearls.
As added protection, divers cushioned the hull with a bed of inflated foam pillows.
They'd be a cheap way to transport fresh water and the single hull wouldn't matter for carrying water.
Fresh-off-the-stalk rice is pale green and encased in a long, thin hull.
As the hull construction progressed, laborers moved across scaffolds to drill holes through the hull wherever two planks met.
The valves that connected their junk's engine-cooling pipes to the water had been left open overnight, swamping the hull.
Some special weapons do damage that is specific to shield or hull.
He hopes eventually to recover the fragile hull and preserve it on land.
The hull shape, however, has led to concerns that it will leave the ship unstable in rougher waters.
The collision, he said, would surely have sunk a boat with a single hull.
Suddenly a great supertanker, its rust-colored hull glowing in late light, plowed past me.
Strung beneath the ship between two platforms, the cable cuts upward through the hull.
The stuff had adhered to the steel hull after being ground up and tossed into the air by the vehicle's treads.
With a paring knife remove hull and inner core of each berry to form a cavity.
Not far beneath the surface, jagged towers of coral tore into the ship's hull and held the vessel fast.
It's carefully designed, with a sumptuously cantilevered icy-white carapace over a brushed aluminum hull.
They can carry tons of cocaine or any other cargo in an underwater hull.
The ship had a double hull at the bottom, but not up the sides.
It also had a car deck that stretched from bow to stern through the hull's insides.
Its steel hull stretched the length of four city blocks.
It has both wheels and a flying-boat style hull, so it can land on normal runways or in the water.
The pounding outrigger and hull beat up a froth that attracts the tuna, bringing them right up under the stern.
They are made from hominy, dried kernels of corn, after the hull and germ have been removed.
Hull came to regard this loss as a prerequisite for the full development and heightening of his other senses.
The collision caused about ten feet of the trimaran's hull to splinter off and break apart into the icy depths.
When a car's underbody or a ship's hull begins to corrode, it usually ends up junked.
The wooden planks of the hull were sewn together with ropes, with pitch and resin used as sealant to keep out water.
It's masts struck in the shallows, keeping the hull from going under.
The sailors were largely protected by the vessel's reinforced inner hull, which did not rupture.
The hull is ice reinforced, meaning strong enough to push through moderately thick ice, and ideal for ramming.
There's only a four-month window for a boat to dodge the hull-crushing pack ice, and few sailors are up to the task.
And once the hull was finished, the ship sat in seawater for a year while the inside was furnished.
If the bottles slammed against the hull, they would be destroyed.
The hull release shaft has never been turned at sea, for an obvious reason: no one wants to throw away a good submersible hull.

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