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The hulk is stored until body and frame members are needed for sale or the hulk is crushed and sold as scrap.
When it's finished with that work, there's simply no use for the metal hulk that remains.
There's enough enriched uranium and plutonium in the hulk for dozens of atomic bombs.
Its brick hulk seems deserted until night falls, when a dim yellow glow emanates from the only intact window on the ground floor.
It stands behind its grim security fence, a great gray hulk surrounded by the rubble left over from its construction.
Behind them is an incredibly muscular hulk, a weight-lifter perhaps.
Five others holed up in a shopping mall, where they died as the building was reduced to a burned-out hulk.
The control tower was a shattered hulk of concrete with a blast hole in the sagging roof.
Pollard stood at the steering oar, staring at the capsized hulk that had once been his formidable command, unable to speak.
If you transport or sell wrecked vehicles to wreckers or scrap processors, you must have a hulk hauler license.
The only vision that many people could see in the site was a brick hulk.
The hulk of a surfaced submarine makes a substantial radar return.
The final blaze left the church nothing but an empty brick hulk.
Fireboats pumped tons of water into the flaming hulk until it settled into the mud.
He became the incredible hulk after exposure to gamma radiation.
Hulk needs to purchase a new car because he mistakenly crushed his old one.
The remaining hulk goes to a shredding facility for separation into ferrous and non-ferrous metals, both of which are recycled.
Hulk want new movie to smash box office records, not smash nothing.

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