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Each is fitted with a roof for shade, a large motor on deck and a huge suction pipe running from the stern into the water.
Attempts at large projects have more often than not resulted in a huge wastage of resources.
The weatherman is predicting a huge snowstorm for this day.
I'm a huge fan of children's literature.
The main argument was over what to do with the federal government's huge budget surplus.
It's hard to imagine even these huge snakes capturing and killing such big crocodiles.
The rooms are huge and loftlike, with high ceilings.
On paper the benefits look huge.
Saguaros crowd the slopes and huge boulders fill the canyon bottom, where a seasonal stream runs.
As the dragon charged it released huge clouds of hissing steam through its nostrils.
Then a huge barrow is constructed over the remains of the pyre, and all the treasure taken from the dragon's lair is placed in it.
It is needless to say that such a picture will be of huge proportions.
And there was one thing above all others which the huge creature dreaded-an appeal to public opinion.
He surprised us with this huge rolling cross-country pleasure ball.
Stunning greenways within the city provide paths for a huge number of cyclists.
As the huge banner billows in the wind, hundreds of watching villagers clap and cheer.
As all of us know personally, it's even more important when you're facing huge adversities.
It reinforces our conviction that strategic investments can make a huge difference in poor people's lives.
By all accounts it's been a huge success, but never a complete one.
And those changes were triggering a huge amount of variation and extinction and adaptation in all kinds of organisms-including.
Some of these were huge, others small enough for him to manage from bed.
Everyone knows that the huge, long-necked sauropod dinosaurs were herbivores.
The fragments truly were from huge eggs, only ones laid by dinosaurs rather than birds.
It's a huge military community, which does make for a melting pot.
Simply put, factory farming churns out huge amounts of cheap but tasteless foods.
Cod do find lots to eat, swimming with their huge mouths open, ingesting whatever goes in.
In one corner is a tall buoy that resembles a huge copper-top battery.
It's always a huge relief to clear things off that screen.
There is also a huge difference between the northern and southern climate.
As others have stated, this is not a huge problem as long as you were not the keynote speaker withdrawing at the last minute.
There is more flexibility in the work schedule, which is a huge advantage over typical office jobs.
In my field there is no huge time lag between an acceptance and publication.
Income-contingent loans would have created a huge bureaucratic headache.
There is a huge hunger for inexpensive mobile phones.
And the first thing they did was start creating a huge number of brand-new triple-A securities.
From the consumer's perspective, though, there is a huge difference between cheap and free.
No more shipping huge amount of products around the world.
The ungainly result was a huge iron dome on a long, low brick building.
The world has a huge investment in coal burning electricity generating facilities.
There is a huge population bump in college right now so of course degrees are up.
There is also a huge literature in twin studies that highlights the contributions of genes and heritability.
But it is accompanied by a huge trove of raw data, which can be manipulated to answer specific questions.
The sudden motion of those two plates displaces a huge volume of water, and that's what causes the tsunami.
Triceratops, as the name suggests, were huge dinosaurs adorned with three horns on their heads.
That's a huge investment that will definitely pay-off for them soon.
His theory solves many mysteries about the huge structure and has won supporters.
Otherwise the future will be one huge worldwide humanitarian catastrophe.
But in many districts, especially poorer ones, huge amounts are stolen or wasted.
But first they are going to buy a huge amount of stuff.
Too much capital, on the other hand, could result in huge swathes of the banking business becoming unprofitable.
Worse, there is a huge supply of new ships on order and due off the slipways over the next four years.
Several firms using derivatives in an attempt to manage such risks have suffered huge losses of late, on paper at any rate.
They are prospecting for land on which to build huge agribusinesses.
Not so happily, the private sector is also jumping in, even though huge amounts of research and testing still need to be done.
If you've ever tried to manage a huge amount of content, you will feel some sympathy for the government's position.
Managing tons of stuff that wasn't created digitally is a huge problem.
He suggested a huge two-floor bridge the full length of the site, flying over the sculpture garden.
Defined-benefit plans have a huge downside: they drastically discourage labor mobility.
Huge sums will be made and lost if the global climate changes.
The consensus was that embracing whole-language had been a huge mistake.
First, a huge amount of health care spending is wasted.
Chase pursues unusual subjects and normally works with huge prints and polyptychs.
There's no slight nudge, but a huge dig in the ribs.
She would make a huge batch of it once a week, and it was so good.
The farmers called out to the panting beasts over the clangor of the huge cowbells around their necks.
Since these had been stolen, there was a huge controversy.
So far, thousands of people have worked on the huge concrete structure, which stretches about a mile and a half across the river.
While it represents a huge loss to the industry as a whole, for some companies it's a disaster.
Another problem never mentioned in talk about huge prosperity in the oil patch is the factor of crystal meth.
We view ourselves as a huge and relatively self-sufficient country, in control of our own destiny.
Even when people try to make things disappear, someone in that huge throng of readers probably has a copy.
The human genome, the blueprint that describes how to make another version of you, is huge.
On top of that, it's such a huge role-it could easily go to a movie star.
One is it's a huge book so there's so much stuff in it.
Not only that, but the stores also destroy the clothes first, cutting huge holes in garments and shoes so they can't be reused.
He also started giving huge sums to charity and raised money to combat cerebral palsy.
The play had a huge cast, including a number of professional writers.
The addition of a little acetyl group to proteins seems to have a huge effect on many processes in the body.
The only thing worse than a huge stinking pit of manure may be a huge stinking and foaming pit of manure that blows up the barn.
Others are insulin resistant and crank out huge levels of insulin to compensate, yet they never develop diabetes.
Although the potential payoff was huge, the risks were enormous too.
But the parietal lobe is a huge chunk of neural real estate.
The dryness of the term hides its huge importance to our ordinary life.
Many snake species, on the other hand, are notorious for consuming huge meals at long and unpredictable intervals.
But the payoff could be huge when car sales rebound.
They were huge and glowed bright red, and the small juicy crystals of flesh inside tasted as good as they looked.
Certainly a huge part of this is underlying genetics.
Our industrial trawlers are having a huge impact on the seabed.
Those differences have a huge impact on the way the two countries are growing.
Plant biologist have long puzzled over the huge variety of leaf shapes that appear in nature.
Optical fibers can quickly transmit huge amounts of data.
Synchrotrons are huge facilities that can produce intense, high-quality x-ray beams for scientific purposes.
Mobile power could give the military a huge advantage with remotely operated, unmanned equipment.
Attackers can apply a huge body of experience from attacking desktop machines when looking for a way into mobile devices.
The benefits are clear, such as easy, on-demand access to huge computing resources.
The painkillers that help headaches and broken bones do little for chronic pain, leaving a huge need for new treatments.
But before they are, the huge loss of life has to be taken into consideration.
Finally distillation has huge energy costs of its own.
Also, our understanding of neuro-biology has advanced in a huge way in the last decade.
Tempos were brisk, attacks explosive, dynamic contrasts huge.

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