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Example sentences for hug

Their hug-me arms waver in the hot, wet air, as if they are attempting to embrace something vast and invisible.
Sometimes a screen is a screen, and sometimes a screen is a bear hug.
Many of the world's biggest clearers of trees have started to hug them.
Having not seen each other for a couple of months, this brother and sister share an affectionate hug.
The machine is designed to mimic the calming effect of a cow's holding pen by giving her a mechanical hug.
Enjoy being a speck, and give the specks closest to you a hug.
They tend to hug the continent, thumping along, sometimes even grounding themselves in a new place.
And hug your parents for all the work they did to prepare you.
They spread slowly, hug the ground, and have heavy seeds not easily borne on the wind.
On the patio, free-form walls hug the chairs and chaises.
Rubber cushions around the heads allow blades to hug facial curves.
Both tree species hug water sources in this arid land of high plateaus and rock towers.
Our presentation began, consistent with the occasion, with a prolonged hug that prompted laughter and applause.
The hug a tree people would try to set aside land and stir up a lot of trouble.
Although these trees appear to hug the house-a fire-safety no-no-they don't actually overhang it.
He grasps an uncooperative mannequin in a bear hug and wrestles it into position.
The costumes should be built to hug because they will be hugged, and made to last because they will be abused.
His impulse to hug her was so big his arms weren't enough.
Their tires hug the pavement, their bodies lean into the curves.
Given the chance to hug the vegetable, my arms would fail to reach around it fully.
And then you might need to go hug a horse to bring your boiling blood back to room temperature.
The material breathes great and doesn't hug your body.
Chlorine gas is heavier than air so it tends to hug the terrain in a vapor cloud, especially at night.
Traditional sleeping bags tend to hug the human torso as if it were a piece of meat between two slices of bread.
The book suggested that when they throw a tantrum, give it a minute or two and then offer a hug.
It is tempting to punch him, hug her, and storm through.
Your radiant smile, your laugh, your bear hug and kiss on the cheek are with us forever.
Fur is a warm hug on a cold day, useful and nearly ubiquitous among mammals.
He mimed opening a magazine with an expression of amazement, then rushed over and gave the marketer a hug.
The hostess gave us plates of cake and bags of candy, and the clown gave me a hug.
When she entered the courtroom, she walked right up to me and gave me a hug before taking her seat in the well.
They board the plane, hug their co-workers, and immediately begin to prepare for takeoff and beverage distribution.
They clasp in a bear hug and try gaining leverage through quick movement or grasping of what little clothes are usually available.
For him, intimacy means putting his arm over my shoulders every once in a while and giving me a hug.
After a few near-misses, he gathered a squeaky white bird in a tight hug, stroking her feathers to calm her.
Every time she did a scene really well he would jump up and give her a hug.
There was a really good bagel or there was a hug from one of my kids.
She-males attract enough males to give them a snake-hug, and once they've warmed up, turn off the pheromones.

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