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Every light source has a slight hue or color cast to it.
Blocks of color, either the same hue or different ones of about equal tonal value, can lend depth.
Bales of money, immigrants of every color, fashions of every hue.
As this stunning risotto simmers, it takes on a beautiful red hue.
Some indirect sunlight still pierces through to give the moon its eerie hue.
Somewhat more earthy than yellow corn flour, it takes on a brownish blue hue when cooked.
Menacing clouds with a green hue gather above downtown Minneapolis.
They notice every hue on the cover of a magazine, every crack in a vase.
Kodachrome's red was the hue that photographers using other films could only dream of.
The rest of the moon was obscured from his view because of its darker hue.
The skin had a deep golden hue, and the orange slices had tanned softly at the edges.
Curved lines and an overall silver-gray hue help to lighten the look.
I'm very blue, and it's casting its blue-hue over everything I do.
He also replaced the old grout and cleaned, buffed, and sealed the tile to bring out its vibrant yellow hue.
After several generations of breeding, the mice responded to the extra hue information.
Paint your fantasy in too rosy a hue, and you may be hurting your chances of success.
The hue is caused by the silt that is finely ground away from the valley walls by the glacier and deposited in the lake.
The three primary colours can be mixed in varying proportions to create every possible hue.
His seven-year body of work is sprawled yet distinctive, particularly given the many works coated in his personal hue of blue.
The hue that you see depends on how thick the wing is at a given point.
Fresh cacao beans range in hue from cream to purple.
The sunset left a lovely pink hue over the hills across the lake.
Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.
Some cranes preen themselves by adding mud to their feathers and thus taking on a temporary brown hue.
The water's red hue is due to algae that live on salts spewed from nearby volcanoes.
As you start to climb out of the high desert, you'll discover a whole new hue.
In infancy it is of a brighter hue, the vascular redness being more marked.
The pancakes don't have that golden hue, a sign they're pushing them onto plates as fast as they can.
The lush look of the production enriches the romantic hue and carries the audience through the convolutions of the plot.
Rustling and murmurs, then boos mounting to hue and cry.

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