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Example sentences for huddle

When the animals get weak they will huddle into some nook or corner and simply stay there till they die.
We have far too much to offer to all huddle together in colleges and universities.
Their last panicked huddle made them a convenient target.
Several hundred civilians, their homes in ashes, huddle under makeshift shelters.
All of this raises the question of why the politically green huddle together in the same sorts of locations.
It is home to an annual fiddlers' convention and, less happily, a huddle of textile and furniture factories.
The streets huddle together, dark and dense, while all around laps the watery lagoon.
People drag mattresses to the middle of their rooms and huddle together to keep warm.
When magnetized, the beads would attract one another, forcing the receptors to huddle and activate.
Penguins can join the group on one end, cycle through the huddle and exit on the other end.
Anglers bore through the ice, set up their fishing poles, and huddle around propane heaters and beer and tell tall tales.
The chicks huddle together in groups called crèches.
These hares sometimes dig shelters in snow and huddle together to share warmth.
They huddle together to escape wind and conserve warmth.
Researchers say that this helps the penguins get equal chance at time in the middle of the huddle.
Once driven away by the locals she would then carry it off to another site and huddle up next to it.
The whales then take turns lashing at the huddle with their flukes, stunning mouthful after mouthful.
For four months the males huddle together, not moving much, while the females fill up on seafood in the ocean.
We huddle around a communal bowl, sharing spoons to dip out mouthfuls of salty macaroni seasoned with desert herbs.
Under a dull sun, fishermen huddle over holes on a frozen lake, floppy-eared fur hats hiding their faces.
In the mornings they would huddle around a computer screen to review the finds.
The long works create an overarching, protective space around a vulnerable huddle of sounds.
Animals can be solitary or huddle together in big herds.
She pivoted to face my patient's family--all six of whom were bobbing in a worried huddle.
Other gang members form a little semi-circular huddle behind the leader.
My cousin who is the same age and born in the same town who went through the same blizzard loves to huddle under the covers.
In a moment of national tragedy, people tend to huddle together.
Their voices are sturdy and commanding in the huddle or boardroom.

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