hubristic in a sentence

Example sentences for hubristic

Thinking that humans can manipulate nature in this way seems hubristic.
Success, whether real or contrived, makes researchers hubristic and untouchable.
In retrospect, it was a sort of hubristic moment in the economics profession.
He has a soft, thin voice, a beard and an academic mien occasionally broken by ecstatic flights of hubristic exaggeration.
Modifying the weather may seem a hubristic exercise.
It comes across as incredibly arrogant and hubristic in the light of hindsight.
The hubristic notion that regulators stand between investors and chaos, that is simply untrue.
Otherwise, it will be seen as hubristic, with a strong prospect of counterproductive ramifications.
Americans are so addicted to techno-surfing that they've gotten hubristic about how many machines they can juggle simultaneously.
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