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It doesn't really matter whether it's due to greed, hubris, arrogance or plain old corruption from the ground up.
We know the result of the coach's hubris and arrogance, but we wonder about his motives.
Already some media outlets are blasting the director, whom they say has fallen prey to hubris.
If it leads to arrogance and hubris then it is a bad thing.
The book's theme is that success leads to hubris.
One wonders if the kid's outrage stems from his perfect grades and his top-flight degree as much as generational hubris.
Not all tragic heroes are undone by hubris.
As so often in history, greatness led to hubris, and hubris to catastrophe.
Let go of your hubris a second and think about it.
For another, any network that has the hubris to put our name in the title needs to do better than this.
It looks as though hubris is rearing it's ugly head and hovering in her air-space.
Hubris, no doubt, added exponentially to my downfall.
Critics were accusing him of hubris and foolhardiness.
Discrediting tries to solve these problems of hubris or seeming infallibility.
Driven by a sense of wonder and a helping of hubris, he wrote many commentaries on the electronic continuum.
The same monomania and hubris that made him a great researcher also helped bring about his own demise.
When hubris or large sums of money are involved, all the better.
In its favor, it was devoid of hubris about what mere mortals can ever really know.
The problem lies in the hubris of the designing parents, in their drive to master the mystery of birth.
Yet with impunity and hubris this industry continues to seek the expansion of nuclear technology and energy production.
Aside from a surfeit of hubris and pretense, their implementation problem is that the functional architecture is alien.
It was something akin to jumping out of an airplane and expecting your hubris to repeal the law of gravity.
They reflect the hubris of one who knows everything.
There was this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
But he's so full of hubris that he'll never step down.
The remarkable hubris of this paper makes it required reading for every student.
And of course, as usual, tremendous hubris in dismissing other people's work without having a scrap of actual knowledge about it.
After his twin marathon wins, filled with hubris and alcohol, his body betrayed him.
You've got to hand it to writers who have the hubris to stick a list in your face.
Then she demolishes her audience's good will with hubris that goes through the roof.
In that sense, all this seeming hubris might also be read as a form of humility: an acknowledgment that no band can do it alone.
In this sense, possible hubris notwithstanding, something unprecedented might be happening.
On the other, mergers may have been the children of hubris, as chief executives sought scale for its own sake.
Bloated with hubris, he dismissed renewed threats of a coup.
In retrospect it is clear the country was living in a bubble of hubris and unearned kudos.
Hubris leads to policy mistakes, as the developed world has proved so devastatingly.
For now, the hubris of spurious precision has given way to humility.
But stick around and enjoy the upcoming screeds against hubris, rate-setting and fractional reserve banking.
And humility helps free us from the hubris of arrogant and self-defeating perfectionism.
We have learned some painful lessons about getting things right, and about hubris and humility.
All great civilizations have fallen, and hubris is the reason.

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