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It was also a sophisticated urban center and hub of regional trade.
In the first, a central hub surrounded by eight spokes, the animals were required to return to a specific starting point.
Hub dynamos are tiny electric generators, hidden in the wheel's hub, that produce a steady current while you ride.
The design features three rotor blades wrapped around a conical hub to create a kind of helix.
Other solutions tend towards the complicated, with magnets or hub dynamos providing the juice.
The space is branded somehow so that users know that this is the research help hub.
The suburbs and exurbs are connected via a pretty efficient train hub.
The heart of the setup is still the sensor integrated into the rear hub.
The emerging world, by contrast, will be a whirling hub of dynamism and creativity.
Taking care of kids gives the brain's prefrontal cortex--the hub of decision-making and task-switching--a tough workout.
Most of this weight is from the steel construction of the tower and hub.
Weight and bulk aren't too bad for a bike with an internal gear hub.
But the nation's hub is being strangled by pollution and relentless development.
Flights out of those airports are more expensive than flights out of hub cities.
Then it rappels down from the hub and stretches a spoke to the bottom of the web, keeping the whole thing under tension.
Become a hub by connecting with and providing needed resources for a hub.
Within a few years, your car may become a hub of interconnected devices, media and online services.
The bike's only proprietary parts are its frame and spring-loaded rear hub.
Third, it has an unusually independent foreign policy, which has turned the emirate into a diplomatic hub.
The sheer bulk of the latest ships is also concentrating traffic in big hub ports.
The new day was an hour old and over when the vehicle stopped at the lower club-house, mud-splashed from hub to hood.
It has a solid hub and lacks any gears, meaning that one rotation of the pedals produces one rotation of the wheel.
The hub is the superintendent's round desk in the middle, ringed by low bookcases containing volumes of the catalogue.
It is the central hub of our social networks, the place where they all meet.
And to keep the planes full, they have to do hub-and-spokes routing.
The hub's purpose is to eliminate the need for a flip-flop hub.
It makes a thick line across the sky, the central hub bulging out in the middle.
One is steps from a major transit hub and another has great parking.
Optical fibers go as much as to hub boxes, one for couple of blocks, surely not to each house.
The hub's grandparents write a spectacularly horrible one each year.
It will act as the hub of a translation web serving all federal intelligence agencies.
When plugged into a hub, the collection computer sees all data packets going by.
But the capital has not been a hub of support for the regime as is often portrayed.
Historically, said the rabbi, communal ovens were the hub of small-town community.
While the slopes are pristine, the village is an exciting hub of the resort and worth exploring.
One maze was wheel-shaped and made up of eight radial spokes with a central hub.
The idea was to leave this rope slack and let the middle of it drop down to become the hub of the web.
As the gulf's business, transportation and tourism hub, it is more entwined with the global economy than many of its neighbors.

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