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Even sailors who didn't run aground here told tales of the howling winds and birds.
We had steaks over a big roaring fire, with potato salad, while listening to coyotes howling somewhere down below.
They are quiet and predictable-fixed cats are not a howling nuisance and there is no fighting.
The storm was howling, generating waves as high as twenty-eight feet.
There was a furious yelling and howling all about us.
After walking about a kilometre he heard ahead a kind of howling noise, which he thought was made by spider-monkeys.
We may thus seem to be landed in a howling wilderness of scientific uncertainty.
There came continually more and more of these cats and their howling mingled with that of those roasting on the spit was terrific.
If they are not properly angled towards the more howling of these gales, they can be damaged or destroyed.
Houstonians went through a frightening night, with winds howling, trees falling and windows breaking.
Its site on the over-farmed and eroded steppe guarantees frequent dust storms, howling winds and icy winters.
Howling, she grabs fistfuls of air, writhing in a blur of blue latex and spangled fur.
One day, a wolf came and started eating rabbits and howling at the moon.
He was in howling agony-much to the annoyance of all the other clientele, who demand absolute discretion.
The left had been chattering on about revolutions for a long time, but we've basically been howling at the moon.
The first thing you hear once the small plane has landed on the beach is the howling.
Howling winds around a hurricane's eye create storm surge by piling water up.
There are howling skirmishes along the way, with hordes of sombreroed peasants often routing the oppressors.
They are wacky and inspiring in their wild combinations with neon makeup howling into the microphone.
As they move through the forest they make plenty of rumbling, howling calls to ensure that they stay out of each other's way.
Over the din of howling wind and flapping sails, his signals could be heard, instructing the crew how to act as one unit.
At night, campers may hear a chorus of howling coyotes, accompanied by the deep hooting of the endangered great gray owl.
We woke up the morning after the rains to howling offshore winds.
One can of course ride up to a colleague and talk, but if the wind is howling head on, this becomes impossible.
On occasion, you can hear coyotes howling from the park's ravines.
Another is making sure that pets don't disturb the peace by barking or howling at inappropriate times.
On quiet nights, coyotes can sometimes be heard howling along the shorelines and in large timber areas.
Persistent, unprovoked howling or barking is a violation.
Every part of the ship creaked, moaned and shrieked in the howling gale.
Howling winds around the hurricane's eye push water along, tending to pile it up.
If he starts howling the minute you leave, give him his favorite chew toy to help keep him occupied.
Coupled with the howling of coyotes, the overall effect is enchanting.
In addition, wolves announce their territory by howling.

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