houseplant in a sentence

Example sentences for houseplant

Feed monthly with a complete houseplant fertilizer, following label instructions.
They are a certain type of houseplant, but made many times bigger.
When pineapples are grown in containers, fertilize with a houseplant-type fertilizer according to label.
Some houseplant species become overcrowded in containers.
After the holiday season, it can be used as a houseplant or placed in the landscape to be enjoyed for many more years.
Can be grown as a houseplant under bright conditions.
Decorate a small pot with paint or decoupage, and put a houseplant in it.
Similar to this mixture, you can soak a cotton ball in hot sauce and place it in pot of a houseplant to repel insects.
Don't become alarmed if your houseplant leaves begin to yellow and drop.
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