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Unable to tell him the truth, she instead becomes his housekeeper, and a relationship eventually develops between the two.
Her hostess was a busy, unbeautiful old maid, sister and housekeeper of the village physician.
Her raucous housekeeper's conversation, and cooking, are best forgotten.
Arriving at evening, they announced themselves to the housekeeper.
Angela is not a housekeeper and typically spends her occasional better days drinking tea and gossiping with neighboring cronies.
Dora told me, shortly afterwards, that she was going to be a wonderful housekeeper.
It would be well to follow their example, and it is the duty of every housekeeper to learn the art of soup making.
He was arrested for insolence to a housekeeper who refused him food.
Housekeeper for an elderly lady makes a bedspread to be raffled off for some war cause.
He then fled the residence in the housekeeper's vehicle.

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