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The loss of a job needn't mean a complete loss of household income.
Hers is not a household name, and it is not likely to become one.
It also gave her a knack for taking household items and making them even more useful.
More sophisticated timers operate on batteries or household current.
Plant fertilizers and household plant foods are substances used to improve plant growth.
Folks, the tombstone thread and the holidays raise some questions here in the bat household.
Perhaps their spending has an undue influence on the prices faced by the representative household.
This, despite our deliberate attempts to keep our household gender-neutral.
If household and family responsibilities were shared before, that quickly goes by the wayside.
But great silicon wafers do not make you a household name.
The household task of recycling involves your entire family.
Clean up amalgam technology yes, but first recycle batteries from all your household gadgets.
She loved children and nature but also had a taste for finery, and she chafed at doing humble household chores.
My little household friends may be wicked, but they are dependable companions.
We're not striving to be a household name, but we're striving to be a household resource.
How about the ratio of these expenditures per household plotted against total income, broken down by decile.
For sufficient fruit throughout the season, allow two plants for each household member add to my plant list.
Switching to solar power is one way to limit the impact your household has on the environment.
We need to move away from the overuse of household disinfectants.
Therefore the household income would increase again as more people go out to work in the household.
These pollutants come from thousands of ordinary household products, furnishings and building materials.
Household incomes have not increased at the same rate.
Household spending is set to follow a similar pattern.
Heating and cooling, appliances and electronics account for more than half the energy used in an average household.
If anything, other indicators from the household survey are frustratingly weak.
Household wealth is closely tied to housing values, which generally appreciate faster in white neighborhoods.
Dollar stores sell everything from sweets and toys to linens and household cleaning products.
They are the only members in the household they make any money.
All experimenting on great apes was stopped, and the use of animals to test cosmetics and household products was phased out.
All it requires are a laser pointer, some polarizing film and a few household objects.
As consumer spending has outpaced incomes, household saving has plunged.
He should devote as much time to children, family and household work as you do.
Household rubbish presents special problems, since it is an unpredictable mishmash of all sorts of stuff.
Apply a dot of the household cement to the back of the spoon's bowl.
Maybe you're a full professor, a star in your field and a household name.
To make matters worse, household debt threatens crucial consumer spending.
Make organic insecticides at home from common household products.
Why don't you wait until the summer to discuss any additions to the household.
These used to be thriving places, where people bought furniture and other household goods.
See what common crimes against the planet one household is committing.
But then a series of household thefts took place, each time by different people.
Bleach mixed with other household cleaners, such as ammonia, can even result in the release of toxic fumes.
For a household calculation, consider the vehicles driven by all members of your household.
Gather information on your household energy consumption.
Outdoors, you can harness the seasonal abundance of solar energy to benefit your household year-round.
Petroleum is a hidden ingredient in hundreds of daily household items, including chewing gum.
Household wastewater from bathrooms and kitchens contains both organic materials and bacteria.
But in addition, trees and shrubs are a major source of products for trade and household use, she explained.
Jeffries is not exactly a household name, but his story may be an interesting one to tell at a party.

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