housebound in a sentence

Example sentences for housebound

Frank has settled into a melancholy housebound rut and is disconcerted by her sudden appearance.
Within a few years his heart was so weak that he was housebound and on the waiting list for a transplant.
But the day may be at hand when riders don't want to give up their housebound bicycles when the seasons change.
About half of the elderly who are housebound or in nursing homes experience incontinence.
If you're housebound, you can do a count at your bird feeder.
Fearing social interactions, forty percent had been housebound for over a week.
The requirement of permanently housebound is that a veteran is.
With limited transportation alternatives, seniors who can't drive often become housebound and depressed.

Famous quotes containing the word housebound

Every so often, I turn on the television and see one of the movement leaders being asked some idiot question like, "Isn'... more
I've finally figured out why soap operas are, and logically should be, so popular with generations of houseboundmore
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