house of worship in a sentence

Example sentences for house of worship

The church continues to serve as an active house of worship.
Protesters first set up shop outside of the tourist site and house of worship two weeks ago.
The restored synagogue will not function as a house of worship.
Six-story multi-family building with storefront house of worship.
The building was later used as an officers' training school, a hospital, and a house of worship.
For some children, that means being active in periodic programs at the library, community center or house of worship.
The result is a blending of both styles into a well proportioned, simple, rural house of worship.
Please be respectful, the chapel is a house of worship.
Talk with somebody you trust: a friend, relative, or someone from your job or house of worship.

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What if it should turn out eternity Was but the steeple on our house of life That made our house of life a house o... more
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