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Example sentences for house of cards

Everything is fine until the scheme runs out of new investors and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.
When credit dried up, the whole house of cards collapsed.
How poetic, when this house of cards comes smashing down in the end.
All their logic is a house of cards that falls when actual observations are introduced.
It is impressive that our computers are so accurate-but that accuracy is a house of cards.
It is a house of cards that will crash and take all of us with it.
So this house of cards has really been building since the sixties.
It bases theory upon other theories upon yet more theories, and the whole foundation is a house of cards.
But businessmen and some diplomats have for the past two years asked when the house of cards would tumble.
One day the money will dry up, and the house of cards will fold.
They might delay the inevitable collapse of this house of cards, but it won't stop it.
Its the ones who need to get out before the house of cards collapses who seek the limelight.
They new what liars they were and what a financial house of cards they all were living it.
Anything less, including the actions currently being taken, is akin to attempting to build on top of a falling house of cards.
If you expose that sham, the whole house of cards comes down.
But as you see the whole house of cards is about to fail.
He's building a house of cards that's starting to fall.
However, today the house of cards he constructed finally was brought down.
It's unsustainable, it's been a house of cards, and we're dealing with the consequence now.
The philosophy of deregulation, with its belief that the market can police itself, has been shown to be a house of cards.
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