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At any hour of the day or night, someone somewhere is at the gym.
Give them a finals week, but leave us two and four hour people alone.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
Cleanly divided by the horizon line, this frame was shot half an hour after sunset.
Hikes can range from less than an hour to a few days, depending on your skill level.
Such blimps can keep surveillance and ordnance-guiding equipment aloft for a few hundred dollars an hour.
More than an hour after sunset a veil of glowing clouds appears low in the northern sky.
In less than an hour you can turn ripe peaches and raspberries into this quick, small-batch jam.
It simply moves the array a set amount once per hour.
Last month they averted a government shutdown with barely an hour to spare.
In the winter feeble sunlight breaks out for only an hour or two, if at all.
And yet few stopped to consider their maker, who at times sketched one or two product ideas an hour at his drafting table.
Create an enchanting retreat in a corner of your yard with an outdoor chandelier you can make in an hour.
Every hour it used to appear, this ghost from the past.
In reality, the student spent over an hour in my office begging me for forgiveness.
Tickets are required and are distributed one half-hour prior to each performance.
For hour after hour, it held every eye, every ear at every party.
The trick is to walk as slowly as one mile an hour, giving the body time to acclimate to the thin mountain air.
Our campsite for the night loomed above us, a three-hour climb away.
The detector was tiny by today's standards, but it still managed to spot neutrinos-three an hour.
Chill hour requirements are a protection for the plants.
It took about an hour to measure the wax and oils, melt everything together, and pour the wax.
Using output per hour, however, shows a different picture.
The proof is a few lines of math, as anyone with an hour or two's training in economics will know.
Half an hour later an update came: the subject had been located.
But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it's longer than any hour.
With daylight savings time, the shops opened an hour earlier and were more in sync with what the farmers wanted.
Traffic is frequently heavy, and sometimes comes to a halt during rush hour.
They paid either by the hour or by the paper and drew on a finite pool of money available to the department.
For every extra hour you spend on these tasks, your dollars-per-hour rate diminishes.
None of this was much of a revelation, but it sounded serious because it took an hour and a half to get through.
At the twenty-four-hour point the data obtained seemed sufficient, and the engineers intended to shut down the plant.
During rush hour, maddening traffic jams can arise without an obvious cause.
Half an hour later, they were sent to sleep and half of them were briefly woken up with blue light every minute.
The link above has the download of the episode, a whole hour of astronomy-y goodness.
The examples they work through take between a few milliseconds and over an hour.
Y our laptop's battery gauge says you have an hour of computing time left, but don't count on it.
Per watt-hour, the materials cost the same as other lithium-iron-phosphate electrode materials, he says.
Pumped storage can do much more than hour-ahead firming.
Around midday, the cooling mode kicks in, and the device shuts off the building's regular air conditioner for a six-hour cycle.
These calls have come in the middle of the night, at the crack of dawn, even at the dinner hour favored by telemarketers.
Not realistic, at rush hour, to commandeer another taxi for the chase.
If you can get to an emergency room within an hour, the chances of limiting the stroke's damage are better.
The police have the suspect under twenty-four-hour surveillance.
During his one remaining hour, he can walk in circles in another room, with no other prisoners present.
Each beast carried both packs, and their owners alternated hour by hour in the saddle.
Four times a day there were roll-calls, which lasted from half an hour to an hour each.
Boil bones on the stove in plenty of water for one hour.
It took months to track him down, and when he finally said yes, he agreed to give us an hour.
The day begins in the makeup trailer, long before morning rush hour.
Some of the scientific evidence gets boring hour after hour, but every now and then something out of the ordinary happens.
They would never be able to make it all the way back to the village at a decent hour.
Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour.
Special wage and hour provisions apply to state and local government employment.
As a small business owner you will need to comply with federal wage and hour laws.
Let stand one hour, that cold water may draw out juices from meat.
One hour's sleep before midnight is better than two after.
Bake one hour in slow oven, covering the first half-hour of baking.
Vol-au-vents require for baking forty-five minutes to one hour.
Cover closely, and bake two hours, turning after the first hour.
In arranging for the ceremony the clergyman, of course, is consulted and the place and hour arranged.

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