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Would the prisoner, in the hottest week of a hot summer, be likely to go to a drawer containing winter underclothing.
Forest-inspired style is one of the season's hottest trends for objects large and small.
Purple coneflower needs no special treatment, though it appreciates some shade in the hottest regions.
White- and yellow- flowered varieties need light shade in the hottest climates.
Provide light shade in hottest desert areas in summer.
Since it hails from the hottest part of the outback, it is extremely drought tolerant.
Tolerates any exposure, although it prefers shade in hottest climates.
Water from buckets, pistols, hoses and elephant trunks flies through the air during the hottest time of year.
FX forked over a lot of green for the hottest bit of blue right now.
How to picture the dynamic goings-on inside body organs once was one of the hottest unsolved mysteries in medicine.
It is one of the world's hottest technologies, and experts agree that it poses unpredictable, potentially serious health risks.
But with wind now the hottest renewable energy source going, those opposed to seeing windmills better get used to it.
In other words, the hottest side of the planet is almost at right angles to the direction of the star.
Higher-education fund raising is one of the country's hottest job markets-and colleges are paying for it.
It needs to show that you are up to date with the hottest trends in teaching your subject matter.
Instead the hottest economic-model-making now began on micro foundations.
The work is labor intensive, long hours, often during the hottest time of the year and the corn leafage can cut you.
Several department chairmen say that one of the hottest subfields lately is math biology.
It never fails, commencement day and move in day before the fall semester are always the hottest days of the year.
The hottest area of expansion is also, tellingly, the dullest: transaction services.
The children's fate, even more than family finances, can be the source of the hottest legal tussles.
Drinks and snacks are one of the hottest areas: hundreds of new ones are launched every year.
But they are also one of astronomy's hottest topics.
Then, e-readers and netbooks were two of the hottest consumer electronics products.
One team involved in the census reported the discovery of marine animals thriving in the hottest ocean waters ever recorded.
The largest and hottest stars have the shortest lives.
Because it's generally safer and requires only rock shoes and a crash pad, bouldering is the hottest trend in climbing.
See and test drive the hottest sports car of the year.
Apple was already one of the hottest tech firms in the country.
On the hottest of all days, her neighborhood substation did not fail.
Today that dream is a reality, and knockout mice are the hottest rodents in genetics.
The hottest stars appear vaguely blue, and the coolest ones can be ruby red.
And in the past decade, control of invasive species has become the hottest of hot-button environmental issues.
Meteorologists define winter as the three coldest months of the year and summer as the three hottest months.
The galaxy's brightest, hottest, heaviest stars turn out to be crucial for both planets and biology.
Four leading experts discuss the hottest issues in brain research, from manipulating memory to pinpointing consciousness.
He dressed impeccably, lecturing in well-tailored sport coats and ties on even the hottest summer days.
In fact, attempts to control growth and traffic congestion are among the hottest issues in local politics today.
Indeed, lithium iron phosphate has become one of the hottest new battery materials.
They come to see the hottest new wares for their favorite consoles and computers.
Stimulating the immune system to fight cancer is one of today's hottest research areas.
Recommendation engines are among the hottest properties on the web.
One of the hottest areas of stem cell research would seem to be beyond the reach of adult stem cells: the brain.
News sites want to spread citizen journalists' hottest video news.
The hottest way to outfit nearly every room in your home is by scouring for treasures at dollar stores.

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