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However, when the green chiles cooked in the oil, the air was noticeably hotter and almost made my eyes water.
The hotter your location, the better solarization works.
These have a mildly spicy flavor that gets hotter when stored.
The persecution growing hotter, many suffered torments for the faith, and several received the crown of martyrdom.
Spices and acrid herbs strike hot on the palate, and much hotter on the stomach.
All kinds of things are coming to be subjected to fire, as it were: hotter and hotter blows the element round everything.
Today it's scientific exploration that needs a hotter advocacy.
They lived in smaller quarters that were hotter in summer and colder in winter.
And me getting hotter and more irritated and my heart beat going up and sweating terribly.
As they progressed, the water got hotter and hotter and the ducks' discomfort was evident.
There's something hedonistic about eating something so delicious without making the house any hotter.
The result will be a hotter world that is less hospitable to humans.
Solar thermal power plants that produce hotter steam can capture more solar energy.
The hotter it is, the more efficient thermal energy conversion becomes.
Halogen bulbs last longer and also burn hotter than conventional incandescent bulbs, making them slightly more efficient.
The world will be getting hotter, according to many climate models.
Lightning is extremely hot-a flash can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun's surface.
They seem to lag in age next to the other stars with which they formed-appearing hotter, and thus younger and bluer.
The hotter the roof, the more energy it takes to cool the building beneath it.
For two decades, western wildfires have grown hotter, burned longer-and become ever more unpredictable.
When fusion slows, outbound pressure drops and the star's core begins to condense under gravity-becoming ever denser and hotter.
But hotter, sunnier environments bring the risk of serious skin damage.
The models simulate different kinds of light emitted by stars that are hotter and cooler than the sun.
The zone can shift over the eons as the star ages and becomes brighter and hotter.
Only locations such as the heart of the sun or the center of a nuclear explosion are hotter.
For another, gas reactors are more efficient at generating electricity than water-cooled ones, because they run much hotter.
As the sphere collapses, the gases grow hotter and hotter.
But during a heat wave, hotter air warms the water even before it goes into the plant.
The weather has been changing, the world is hotter than before but pollution is still increasing.
They say the upward spread of mistletoe is more closely linked to warmer winters than to hotter summers.
They're visible because the matter falling in gets hotter and brighter as it's compacted.
And hotter weather may make some sorts of fighting more likely.
Ceramic composites can also withstand hotter temperatures than metal alloys can.
His maps-where hotter colours imply more trouble-also make a starker point.
Global warming has kindled the debate further because it has created both hotter and drier conditions in many places.
Hotter air holds more water vapour, and so can produce more rain.
Second, policing will become a much hotter topic of political discourse.
But as the area gets hotter and drier, it has less water, grazing and firewood.
But the jazzy design of his maps-where hotter colours imply more trouble-also makes a starker point.
The result is that the pitted tungsten becomes much hotter than a plain sheet of the metal could manage.
If growth is faster than warranted, the overheated economy will only get hotter.
It then gets even hotter even quicker, and bits of it will start to melt and react with the steam.
The brunt of the costs falls on poor countries, because they are hotter and relatively dependent on agriculture.
Indeed, it is often forgotten that parts of the world would benefit from a hotter climate.
Temperatures are rising, and it's going to keep getting hotter-and this has nothing to do with climate change.
As the object gets hotter, the peak shifts to the left, to shorter wavelengths.
It's getting hotter in some places, colder in others.
The hotter the contents of the cell, the less voltage required to initiate this reaction.
Hotter, more humid weather shortens mosquito breeding cycles.
But our cold receptor also responds to hot temperatures, temperatures even hotter than the hot receptor can sense.
As the material from the disk accretes onto the protostar, the protostar gets hotter.
Despite the developmental boost that the hotter half received, the colder ones still emerged in time with them.
The more thermal energy it loses, the hotter it gets as it contracts adiabatically.
Radiation could more easily shoot through less-dense areas, so they would appear hotter.
Climate change promises to bring with it longer, hotter summers to many places on the planet.
Look back through climate history and it is true that mean temperature has been both much hotter and much colder than at present.
The hotter it gets, the more clouds there will be, and they will reflect the sun.
Today's circuits throw off about half as much, but future chips will run hotter and may require liquid cooling.
Around stars hotter and bluer than our sun, plants would tend to absorb blue light and could look green to yellow to red.
Even without any increase in the precursors, hotter air driven by climate change will produce more ozone.
And even hotter temperatures when the hand appeared bigger.
And the people won't get sick and the planet won't get hotter.
Scientists have discovered that fish here do not flourish in hotter water.
The universe becomes ever hotter and denser, eventually contracting all the way to a big crunch.
Such a scenario would imply that dark matter cannot clump much in our solar system, or else the solar system would be much hotter.
For habitable planets orbiting brighter, hotter stars, the search will take longer.
Second, a sea of thermal radiation fills space, as it should if space used to be denser and hotter.
The cloud or core becomes ever denser and hotter, eventually sparking nuclear fusion.
For example, claiming that a steam engine produces less condensate when the boiler is hotter is real lunacy.
But global warming made things even hotter and drier.
The bigger the bubble, the more energy in the implosion, and the hotter and brighter the sonoluminescent flash.
The gas phase of water is called water vapor, or steam, and it is hotter than liquid water.
We know that the universe is expanding and cooling, so earlier on it was smaller and hotter.
For example, air near the ground becomes hotter than normal in summer.
The hot seat on which some coaches started the season has gotten even hotter in some cities.
On sunny days, the climbing domes quickly got hotter than a frying pan.
The night of the mission, it was hotter than expected.
Transition claims its lenses get darker faster in hotter weather.
Any hotter than that, and it flashes red to let you know that you might scald your skin a bit if you don't make it colder.
Only a brisk wind stopped her from being even hotter.
And given events of the past few weeks and months, that beat couldn't be hotter.
Hotter summers will only increase the need for water for farms, fish and communities.
The water below it is in a giant chamber and that water is getting hotter and hotter and hotter.
Dark objects absorb more light, so blacktop paving would be hotter than concrete.
If one side of a material is hotter than the other, heat can be conducted through.
Superheated water cools as it reaches the surface, sinks, and is replaced by hotter water from below.
The solar atmosphere gets much hotter, up to tens of millions of degrees.
Truly a smart material: hotter motor gets, faster fluid flows.

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