hotspot in a sentence

Example sentences for hotspot

His chances of finding many yet undiscovered plants in the biodiversity hotspot were high.
And if the trees go, so will many of the unique species found in this biodiversity hotspot.
But history provides a cautionary tale for those hotspot operators that charge for access.
He has proposed a set of symbols that can be scribbled on the pavement using chalk to signal the presence of a nearby hotspot.
Once the material had melted, the researchers pulled the metal tip away, dragging material from the molten hotspot.
To see whether the ball nicked the bat, umpires use a heat-sensitive camera called hotspot.
In every global hotspot, humanitarians come armed only with principles, not guns.
We can no longer afford to stage troops in every hotspot in the world.
My understanding is that media people will be able to use the hotspot without charge.
It is within a hot spot, and within that hotspot it's one of the smallest languages.
Conservationists consider it a biodiversity hotspot, a rich but threatened reservoir of unique plant and animal life.
It is also an example of a volcano that formed over a hotspot.
The good is good enough to rate it as this week's hotspot.
The dusty old moon is still a hotspot for space missions around the world.
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