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Also, unlike a hotel, a medical center rarely trains its staff to pay attention to how the place looks to guests.
The chair will let you know what hotel and whose name the hotel room is under.
Because the ruffians don't know who you are or that you've booked a hotel room.
Hotel bars existed on the high end, catering to business travelers.
After registering, make sure to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible to ensure you receive the guaranteed room rate.
Instead of having data to download in the evenings, students played catch in hotel parking lots.
The new overnight lodgings, built by large corporations at great expense, have combined features of the motel and hotel.
Considering the business they bring you, loyalty-programme members are the last guests a hotel chain should be riling.
Don't expect quantum encryption for at the local coffee shop anytime soon, and don't sign into bank from your hotel room.
The same with those airline, hotel and rental car affinity cards.
Some require plane flights and hotel stays, others you can do from home.
The parking at the hotel can be valet or self parking.
Off time in a hotel costs the company nothing cause it is your time.
On a computer monitor, the system showed the movement of a robot cart as it trundled around the hotel suite.
Generally, these meetings are held in a conference room at an airport hotel.
Our room was small and situated next to the hotel pool.
On a stressful business trip, a hotel room can be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work day.
He started in high school as a dishwasher at a hotel and never looked back.
Hull said he rented compact cars and paid the difference when he chose fancier accommodations over a midrange hotel.
But tourism will require hotel managers and receptionists with customer-service training.
In an upcoming campus visit, the school arranges a limo to pick me up at the airport and take me to the hotel.
The listings also include the amenities, so you know if the hotel will have a pool or gym or whatever.
The local restaurateurs were happy for the business, prepared amazing food, and cost much less than the hotel.
On that trip, someone gave the player a free meal and hotel room.
The railway's official hotel, walking distance to downtown.
Steal this hotel room's romantic look with inexpensive red sheer fabric hung above the bed.
Or maybe it was a hotel room, office or college dorm.
His tricks have included mind-reading card tricks, walking on water and levitating above a hotel.
We local folks miss a lot that goes on at the conference hotel.
The main hotel is full, but there is still room in the overflow hotel.
But there are no drinks, songs or hotel hospitality rooms crammed with loud and aging humans.
Excess gear can be left at the in-town hotel before the trek.
We had dinner that night on the balcony of the hotel, my first taste of risotto with champagne.
By any reckoning, he should have been relaxing in his dressing room or heading back to the hotel.
The hotel in which he had begun life so hopefully was now a mere ghost of what a hotel should be.
He buys it to read in the cars, in his leisure hours at home-in the hotel, at all chance moments.
The scene then changed to the crowded hall of a hotel.
Going around a corner, he turned in at the door of the hotel and began to climb the stairway leading up to his friend's room.
After the theater, big motor busses drive them all either to the house of the hostess or to a hotel for supper and to dance.
The waiters and hotel servants were organised, and refused tips.
He awoke laughing and his eyes lazily roamed his surroundings, evidently a bedroom and bath in a good hotel.
What they all have in common is a transcendent vision that goes beyond traditional hotel-keeping.
Panelists cited the boom in high-rise hotel construction along the city's beach as a cause for concern.
The concrete floor of your hotel room contains fire between floors, allowing additional time for escape.
The hotel remained open to regular guests, and tourists wandered freely through the lobby.
But hotel rooms and airplane seats also have near-zero marginal costs.
The first official meal of the trip is lunch at this hotel, once a hospital for the nobility.
After a time a troop of vervet monkeys came out of the surrounding rain forest to cavort by the hotel's entrance.
Some business people who live outside of the wire have gotten contacts from the hotel staff where they reside.
Most people think they need a credit card to make a hotel reservation.
Travelers searching for the ideal hotel room face a confusing array of choices that cover a gamut of options.
We've all had a case of insomnia in a hotel, especially when we've traveled across time zones and have jet lag.
Those days of lounging around in an overcrowded hotel swimming pool, sitting on a broken deck chair are gone.
We journalists sat around the hotel coffee shop, swapping nasty stories.
It turns out it was released the day after he was married, and that's what the hotel band played every night on his honeymoon.
The hotel serving the questionable lasagna used to be a favorite dining haunt for the local police squad.
They played the instruments in a dimly lit hotel room chosen for relatively dry acoustics.
Not surprisingly, the government wants to stimulate hotel building and other tourist infrastructure.
Before they could return to their hotel, they were accosted by a group of armed rebels.
His reasons for return were not entirely unclear, although he was surely wealthy from working in the hotel business there.
Return to the expertly styled hotel rooms post-Spa visit.
And you also design the uniforms for your hotel staff.
The hotel is so beautiful and luxurious that it has become my go-to destination.
It is a single-room occupancy hotel that is being rehabbed and remaining--yes, remaining--a single-room occupancy hotel.
Visitors should make their hotel accommodations as early as possible.
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