hot potato in a sentence

Example sentences for hot potato

Electricity is a political hot potato and it's becoming more of a problem.
The submarines became such a political hot potato that nobody would agree to build them.
Costs to the environment is unconscionable, and it would be a social and political hot potato.
Exactly what either concept means when applied to university students is set to become a political hot potato.
Last winter's reform of ruinous price subsidies was a hot potato that only he dared to touch.
By and large, the authors shy away from the political hot potato of offshoring.
All involved parties had access to the proper information in this absurd game of hot potato.
The fate of the cargo is also rapidly becoming a hot potato for other reasons.
Hot potato latkes steam on a counter as the gloom of a frigid dawn lifts outside.
Suburban deer management through hunting can easily become a political hot potato, however.
If you found yourself anywhere in the chain of causation, real or perceived, get ready for a grim game of negligence hot potato.
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