hot plate in a sentence

Example sentences for hot plate

Kitchenettes with a microwave, two-burner hot plate and kitchen utensils and pots are also available.
Stow a small microwave oven, hot plate and electric teakettle for use at campgrounds with electric service.
Don't keep a hot plate inches away from a large stack of papers.
She eats take-out food, eats at a soup kitchen, or sometimes borrows a hot plate from neighbors.
She cooks every dish herself, on a hot plate, and charges absurdly low prices.
Suites have a mini fridge, microwave, hot plate and basic kitchen utensils.
Efficiency rooms include a kitchenette featuring sink, hot plate and refrigerator.
We choose from the buffet and each ordered a hot plate off of the menu.
With no moisture, the ground is a virtual hot plate, adding to the misery.
He read the paper for half an hour or more while the rooster simmered on the hot plate.
Remove the slide from the hot plate and allow it to cool.
Place the flask in a heated water bath or on a hot plate and heat slowly to boiling.
The kit includes enough materials to create a single block, suitable for a wall-hanging or hot plate coaster.
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