hot metal in a sentence

Example sentences for hot metal

The ground shook, buildings swayed and shards of hot metal rained down.
Small white cups topped with piping hot metal drip coffee filters arrived at the table.
The hot metal suspended in the heat of glowing embers was a way for people who couldn't afford an oven to bake nevertheless.
So you boil them alive, or dry them on a hot metal sheet in the sun.
Bronze has claimed its place as the hot metal--from wash basins to window hardware.
The hot metal is sitting there, transferring some of its heat to the air next to it.
Listen for loud clanging from the blacksmith's shop as hammers shaped hot metal into shoes for mules and horses.
Hot metal may be transferred directly to steel making furnaces.
Hot metal that has cooled and solidified is called pig iron.
Hot metal charging practices have been changed since adoption of the program to control secondary emissions.
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