hot dog in a sentence

Example sentences for hot dog

Everyone in our area knows him, including the owner of the local hot dog stand.
So now they're going about the business of reinventing the hot dog.
The hot dog vendor has stepped away to make change, and someone has jostled his cart off its moorings.
After the game he bought and ate a non-kosher hot dog from a street vendor.
In a country increasingly enamored of specialty sausages and natural beef, hot dog sales have slumped.
The six-time hot dog eating champ has finally thrown in his ketchup and mustard-stained towel.
For hot dogs, insert the thermometer from the end of the hot dog towards the center.
Find out what's in a hot dog and how to keep them safe.
Transfer to a plate and cool slightly, then insert a wooden stick into each hot dog.
You'll get an earful from the lively counter help about how lobster meat deserves better than a hot dog bun.
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