hot seat in a sentence

Example sentences for hot seat

The for-profits are on the hot seat because they are the new kids on the block.
Now, imagine being sat not in the observer's armchair but in the regulator's hot seat and faced with such a crisis again.
Seen from the hot seat of an emerging-market bank, the world is a dangerous place.
Few, however, expected her to be given the finance hot seat.
Going from chief of staff, to the actual hot seat of the presidency is going to be an interesting transition.
But the other auto makers should not rejoice because their time in the hot seat will come too, again and again.
What he said, if said about any minority, would land him in the hot seat.
Notification can be made by the resident, hot seat resident, or staff.
He had the hours in the hot seat during the relevant times.
He's the politician on the hot seat and yet he managed to make all of them look bad.

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