hot pressing in a sentence

Example sentences for hot pressing

Joints formed through hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing were compared.
Alumina ceramics are typically polycrystalline materials that are formed by sintering or hot pressing.
Present methods of manufacture of ceramics are based on hot pressing of powders to make blanks from which shapes can be machined.
Some of these techniques require either high temperatures for processing or hot pressing.
Densification may occur by cold compaction, sintering, hot pressing or other powder metallurgy methods generally used.
Powders are compacted by cold or hot isostatic pressing, sintering, or hot pressing.
The best procedure for extracting the highest amount of these compounds from muscadines was found to be hot pressing.
Dynamic control of moisture during hot pressing of wood composites.
Following this hot pressing, the panels are trimmed on all four sides and voids are filled with putty.
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