hot pot in a sentence

Example sentences for hot pot

The all-you-can-eat restaurant features a hot pot and a barbecue.
The cafe also serves hot pot pies and provides free validated parking.
It is primarily a sushi joint with a popular spicy hot pot accompaniment.
Later, feast on island fare: venison and rabbit hot pot, seasonal salads from seaweed-composted garden.
He has you haul the heavy, hot pot out to the grill to steam.
You'll appreciate this hot pot restaurant as much for its good food as for its warmly lit, inviting dining room.
It's all well and good to show a dog-meat hot pot, but it's leaving out a lot.
For dyed-in-the-wool vegetable lovers, try my vegetarian hot pot.
In the summer you want a cool pool not a hot pot anyway, so cover it.
Regular short plates sell best for hot pot among all consumers because of comparatively cheap prices.
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