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The enclosed former driveway hosts a dining area that opens onto the kitchen and rear garden.
To ensure their own survival, parasites alter the appearance and behavior of their hosts in the creepiest ways.
What can be revealed by my hosts is revealed: corn kernels are delivered and milled, dextrose is extracted from starch.
The city hosts a number of annual festivals and has its own ballet and symphony.
The museum also hosts various temporary exhibitions.
We found the people to be friendly, courteous and the best of hosts.
The following pages show more examples of parasites that spread by controlling their hosts.
Naturalists have long recognized the ability of parasites to influence the behavior of their hosts.
Those are people, evidently getting bored by whatever weapons display the kiosk hosts.
Remember, she's the first in a week of five hosts, each with a different area of expertise.
Previous hosts held similar hopes, and were mostly disappointed.
They are unwanted by their hosts as well as their customers.
And truth be told, he and his co-hosts did a pretty good job.
Importantly, the genomes of microbes can and do evolve and be shaped by how well they navigate their hosts.
Blogging certainly incurs costs, including the expense for web hosts of storing all those journal entries.
The lectures, concerts, and exhibits it hosts are free and open to the public but for a few shows.
Each island hosts marine iguanas of unique size, shape and color.
During its life cycle, the parasitic trematode depends on several hosts, including pond snails.
The initial stages of a micro-organism changing hosts is traumatic for both.
From there, the virus cannot spread any farther because its new neuronal hosts do not make the vital protein.
We will both be running workshops with co-hosts on creating videos.
The module hosts all of the sensitive meteorological instruments.
According to the report, creatures that dwell in reef interiors help feed their hosts.
The hosts aren't afraid to ask probing questions and challenge the status quo.
Your mind hosts a stream of thoughts and sensations.
So virus scanners usually limit themselves to a smaller list of probable hosts.
The exchange can happen inside animal hosts susceptible to both avian and human flu strains, such as pigs.
The bills are aimed at thwarting piracy, by forcing the shutdown of any site that hosts pirated content.
It would also give hosts of my fellow art lovers access to treasures that they might otherwise never see.
By day, the chichi cluster of shops hosts expatriate wives.
We reappeared on deck in dry shirts and began to play the first round of getting-to-know-you with our hosts.
His hosts were so won over that they asked him to become chief architect of the country's building endeavors.
We are now prepared to connect two hosts together over this fledgling network.
He pauses when she tells him some of the names of her hosts.
When two people meet, ideas jump out of their heads, looking for new hosts.
Americans can't really absorb any big news until the talk show hosts have had their say.
Only the hosts, talking merrily to thin air, seem able to overcome all that empty space.
The site also hosts a bulletin board devoted to canine genetics topics.
Three percent of my total sales goes to the bartender and the hosts.
The job of comedian and talk show host may look the same, and stand-up comedy may produce lots of talk show hosts.
He used this big bat census to create a mathematical model, which simulated the rise and fall of the rabies virus in these hosts.
Some castrate their hosts and take over their minds.
Others completely shut down the immune systems of their hosts.
And along the way, they can manipulate their hosts to ease their path through life.
It could be the fly's doing, since several parasites can change the behaviour of their hosts.
They depend on the fact that their proteins are encoded by the same triplets as those of their hosts.
But today she blends her interests in health and evolution, tracking mutations in pathogens and their human hosts.
But these elements are scarce in our sun, which hosts distant giants and small, rocky inner planets.
Most of those hosts tuck in the partner cells whole in crevices or pockets among host cells.
The bacteria break down hydrogen sulfide in the vents, in the process releasing body-building energy for their hosts.
He hosts a party for time travelers, complete with champagne, and sends invitations after the soiree.
It became apparent that living things routinely go aloft to migrate, to mate, and to find new hosts.
Another way is to survive for a long time outside the human body, so that the pathogen can wait for new hosts to find it.
Diseases represent evolution in progress, as microbes adapt by natural selection to new hosts.
Their green apartments are roomy affairs, adapted to suit their hosts.
It includes trillions of genes that outnumber those of their hosts by hundreds of times.
Hosts and hostesses welcome guests and maintain reservation and waiting lists.

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